1 Aug

In January this deal came across for ClassPass that was $60 a month for three months and I jumped on it. I told myself once the price went to its normal monthly fee of $90 I would most likely cancel, but I stuck around for four more months after that. In my mind- if I attended 10 classes a month it was worth it and on average, each month I attended 10-13 classes a month. I attended so many different classes and fell in love with multiple studios.

The whole idea behind ClassPass is to get you to try different things, find what you love, and I am assuming companies hope that at some point, you’ll come on to their studio full time and become a member at their gym. With ClassPass you can only visit a studio three times  a month and once you find your favorites, you will most likely max that out. If you want more, you can pay a drop in, or like some- leave ClassPass and join that particular gym full time for unlimited access.

My monthly maxed out stuidos were always: Denver Sports Recovery, YogaPod, Pure Barre, The Barre Code, and Fierce45. Other studios I visited at least once a month included: EpicRyde, Kindness Yoga, FLEX Yoga + Barre, and The Dailey Method. Obviously, I am a big yoga and barre fan, but ClassPass also got me to try boxing for the first time ever, which although I wasn’t a fan, it got me out of my comfort zone. ClassPass also got my butt out of bed to work out. I have never really been an early morning workout fan, but I did multiple 6am & 7am workouts which were amazing.

So.. I mentioned earlier that Studios probably hope that at some point you’ll leave ClassPass and join them full time. I have two places that were at the top of my list. Denver Sports Recovery (DSR) and The Barre Code (TBC). Because Dan is already a member of DSR, I was able to be an add-on to his account for $50 a month, so due to the price, I joined DSR and plan to go 2-3x per week. But- I did receive an email from TBC for $60 for my first month and at some point I do plan to use that offer because I absolutely LOVED their HIIT class, and every time I left it made me feel awesome.

So- in no way am I trying to endorse or sell you on any of these things, but I talk to people about ClassPass often, and think that if you’re curious about what your next athletic endeavor may be- this could be it and I bet you’ll love it. I know I did.


7 Jul

Ahhhh. After a years worth of planning our wedding was exactly as I had expected and now people are asking me, “So now what are you going to do with your free time?” Before I even go into what the future holds I want to take a step back and fill people in on what truly made our wedding special and fill newly engaged woman on what to expect.

First, let me preface that our wedding was everything we wanted, but completely untraditional. We did a few things that kept with tradition, but if you were to ask anyone there what it was like, most people’s responses will make it sound more like a laid-back Sunday Funday. Which is exactly what we wanted to have.

Traditions we kept:

  • Cake Cutting – we were serving donut holes as dessert, but I wanted a Nothing Bundt Cake at the wedding as well and we got one of those to cut into and serve each other.IMG_5328
  • Traditional vows – At our ceremony, we had a set of traditional vows along with personal ones as well.
  • First Dances – We wanted to have our first dance together, and the mother/son & father/daughter dances because they were special to us and Dan had the song picked out before we were even engaged.
  • Toasts – We went in order of my dad, Dan’s best man, and then my maid of honor.
  • Grand Exit – Although we used uber which is not so traditional, we had a grand exit where people blew bubbles and we got taken away at the end of the day.
  • I had my “Something old, something new, something borrowed, something blue.” Old: My mom took her old wedding dress and created a handkerchief out of it that I kept with me, in my pocket. (yes my dress had pockets) New: Necklace from my Dad, Borrowed: Diamond earrings from my Mom, Blue: My shoesBLAQ4288

Traditions we broke or stayed away from:

  • Dessert – No cake. Instead, we served donut holes and cereal to go with our brunch theme.
  • Garder/Flower Toss – I think this is very odd when your husband goes up your dress in front of your entire family, so we ditched the ideas and no one seemed to notice.
  • Officiant – Our very good friend got ordained online for free and was able to officiate our wedding. He did an amazing job and for us, we enjoyed having it be very personal.
  • First Look – I would say ‘first look’ photos are becoming more popular, but we broke the tradition of waiting until I walked down the aisle for us to see each other for the first time. We did first look photos at a park before the ceremony and I would HIGHLY recommend this, as it got all the jitters out before we had to go say our vows and it gave us some time to take it all in just the two of us.IMG_5302.PNG
  • No DJ – what?!?! No DJ? Are we crazy? Well- our wedding was during the day and I had this gut feeling most people wouldn’t dance, so we invested our own time in putting a playlist together on Apple Music. It worked and I was right – we didn’t have a big dance party, and that’s okay because instead, everyone played our ‘lawn’ games.


What we did that even some attendants may not have noticed:

  • I collected every single piece of china which included plates, tea cups, saucers, flatware and had to wash it after the wedding. We had 150 guests. That is a lot of dishes, but when it was all set out- it looked beautiful.IMG_5247
  • Our centerpieces were all my vision and created mostly by me. The champagne bottles, I collected and glued the twine on them, the table numbers were created using my cricut, the vases, corks, and coffee beans were donated to me and with my design, the flowers came from Felicity Allyse (all paper).

  • My bouquet was also created out of paper (and wood). IMG_5435
  • We didn’t give out gifts to our attendants. We both had decided the food/booze is enough and I have been to too many weddings where I can’t event tell you what their gift was to their attendants.
  • Thanks to my friend Judi who works weddings, a ‘find your seat’ board was left behind at another wedding and I took it and recreated my own seating arrangement board. The tags were created by The Purple Bride which I won at an event I went to so this board cost nothing to me, but was absolutely beautiful.IMG_5235
  • Along with a woman at my work we created my wedding announcements and I have received countless compliments on them.
  • Dan’s suit was tailored to him and he now owns the suit forever. It fit him great, and he looked amazing. Although a lot of people say weddings are all about the bride and her dress, we both wanted to feel extra good on our special day, and I tell ya- we did.
  • Most of the yard games were handmade by my parents. (Bags was a gift to us from Matt Jones).
  • Thanks to Becca, we had two Snapchat filters specifically created for our wedding:



So much went into our day, and I am sure I could write more- but from Daniel and me, we want to thank everyone for the well wishes, and we hope you all had fun! If you are a newly engaged couple I would love to answer any questions you may have!

-The Bullocks



3 Jun

So, if you’re part of my life you know.. I am getting married. Brides-to-be do some weird shit. I have started putting together a list of things brides-to-be do that are not normal.

  • I ran outside on a hot day in long sleeves. Tan lines are my worst enemy right now.
  • I started tanning in a bed. I am paying a company to get fake tanned although I live in a state with 300 days of sunshine.
  • Two weeks before the wedding I decided no cleans or pull ups in CrossFit. Not that I bruise my collarbone easily or tear my hands, I just need to make sure that it doesn’t happen before I have to put on my dress and act like a lady.
  • I get my nails done. In the 5 years I have been with Dan, I have probably got 10 manicures and less pedicures. But now.. Every two weeks since April I have been getting my nails done to prepare.
  • I am whitening my teeth. Cuz.. photos.
  • 8 months ago I went to my orthodontist and told him my teeth shifted. I had to wear a plastic retainer with rubber bands for 3 months and then just at night for the rest of the time.
  • The holes had completely closed in my ears, but I decided I wanted to wear earrings at my wedding, so I shoved earrings in. ouch.
  • I wear my wedding shoes around in my house while I vacuum to break them in.
  • Facials. I love them, but normally would never spend money on them. Well, I have got two already and one more is scheduled.
  • Waxing. Oh, my eyebrows need shaped.. okay, let’s get those done too.
  • I dyed my hair. I have a lot of white hairs, and welp I guess now is the time to dye it.

To be continued.


6.16 update (10 days before the wedding)

  • I spent over $100 on (another) dress I will most likely never wear again, but fell in love with it when I tried it on
  • There comes a point when some things just don’t matter anymore. 1 year ago me: “The napkins must be petal pink.” today me: “As long as we have napkins I don’t care what color they are.”
  • We have updated more in our house over the past week than we have in the 3+ years we have lived in it. New windows. New fence. Paint. A sanded patio with soon-to-be purchased patio furniture. Maybe we should get married every year. Get our butts into gear.


20 Apr

We did it. We sent out our wedding announcements!  122 envelopes later which included 15 to Germany, 74 to Colorado, 16 to Michigan, 4 to Florida, 3 to Texas, 3 to California, 2 to South Dakota, 1 to New York, 1 to New Jersey, 1 to Tennessee, 1 to Virginia, and 1 to Kentucky the RSVPs are now trickling in and it’s interesting to see how people fill out those funny little cards.

On our RSVP cards I put our address on it, added the stamp and told you the RSVP date. All you had to fill out was your name, your return address, and let me know if you’re coming. Seems simple right?

I may have confused some people, because on our RSVP cards at the bottom, I put “We have reserved ___ seats in your honor” and on each one I would put number depending on the family. We are only allowing family children to the wedding, so this made it easy to explain to a friend, for example, Matt and Cassie Jones who have two kids and a third on the way that if it says, “We have reserved 2 seats in your honor, this meant that children were not invited.

But other than that it has been fun and entertaining seeing what people do and don’t do on their RSVP cards.

We have got back two RSVP cards that had the return address filled out, the names filled in properly but they forgot to check the “accepts with pleasure” box or the “declines with regret” box, so I had to ask…

One RSVP card came back without the names filled out, but luckily the return address was on it, so I knew who it came from.

Another one came back looking like her dog got hold of it, chewed it up, spit it back out and then sent it.

I have also unfortunately realized that the “__ seats in your honor” does not automatically register to people that children are not invited. I have had two people respond with their name and their kid instead of husband/wife. This part is the hardest. I had secretly hoped that no one would be confused by this, but it has come up and I admit- I don’t have kids so I probably seem stuck up to not have friend’s kids attend the wedding, but after a lot of discussion with family and our caterer we came to the decision to allow family children, but not friend’s children. I have been to one too many weddings where a kid gets out of hand and  unfortunately that is something I remember. Although I have wanted to change the rules for some people to make sure they are able to attend, I have also realized that if I change the rule for one, I have to change the rule for everyone. And in the long run I hope everyone understands.

Some good things that people have done if you take my sister for example. On her card I put a 2 in the spot of seats, and although she isn’t dating anyone she did put on the card, “guest unknown,” so to me I will still include a plus 1 in our catering numbers. Thank you.

Another awesome thing someone did was her husband is unable to attend, but she can make it, so she took it upon herself, crossed out the 2 and put a 1 and only put her name on the line of who is attending. Thank you.

We have just under a month to get back the RSVPs, but from talking to other brides I know this is one of the most stressful parts because people forget to RSVP, wait until last minute, or worst case scenario they never even received the announcement. But luckily in todays modern world I don’t mind calling or texting the people I don’t hear back from come May 15th asking if they by chance sent in their RSVP card and get an answer that way. But if you are my friend or family member who we have invited- don’t be that person. Send me your RSVP. Please.


I may be adding to this post as I receive the RSVP cards in the mail. 








1 Apr

The 2016 CrossFit Games Open has come to an end, and this year may have been my favorite Open just slightly after 2013.

2013 holds a very special place in my heart because it was my first Open, and I did it with my best friend, Kelli. I was also secretly hoping for a repeat of 13.1 with Snatches and Burpees this year not because it was my favorite workout, but it is one of my most memorable due to the fact that I had to do it twice that year because the first time I did it, it was invalid due to my miscalculation of weight on the bar.

I have written about 16.1,2, and 3 and 16.4 in my opinion was my least favorite workout because I dislike deadlifts for time, so I am just going to skip over that week. Sorry for you people who wanted a recap of that one- just not going to happen.

16.5 was a repeat. A repeat workout from 2014 (14.5) which included Thursters and Burpees over the bar. When this workout was announced I threw up in my mouth a little bit. Burpees.. again? Wtf. But I had a baseline of what I needed to get and for the first time this year I went into the workout with a strategic game plan. In 2014 I completed this workout of 21-18-15-12-9-6-3 Thurster/Burpee combo in 19:29 with a leaderboard placement of 1,563rd place. On New Years of this year this workout was the WOD and I completed the exact same workout in 17:26 after a night of drinking That is 2:03 faster than two years prior and so for 16.5 I had a goal of getting 17 minutes or faster in order to PR. I had a game plan of splitting up my thrusters in 11/10, 10/8, 6/5/4, 6/6, 9, 6, 3. I stuck to the game plan almost 100% but on my set of 12 I did 7/5 instead. I have never in my life actually stuck to a thruster game plan. Mental improvement for sure. And then… after 15 minutes at 16 seconds I completed my last burpee over the bar taking 2:10 off of my New Years’ time. That is a 4:13 PR since 2014! And a 870th place on the leaderboard. So happy. Seriously couldn’t be happier with that performance. But honestly- that PR came with a lot of hard work and also day-of pushing from these few people—


Max (Kelli’s friend from VA): Thank you so much for judging me during the workout. At first I was hesitant to ask you, considering I had just met you I wasn’t sure if you’d feel comfortable pushing me during the workout. Was I wrong. You were an awesome judge and really helped me stay on track to PR and to keep me on track with my thruster plan. It was great to meet you and it’s sorta bittersweet that 2016 comes to an end with my best friend’s buddy judging me. Hmmm.. full circle(ish).

Chelsea- Although we don’t work out together anymore, us texting every week really got me pumped to text you right away to talk about what worked and what didn’t. I know this year’s workouts were not in your favor for the most part, but for 16.5 talking about strategy really got me to that time I got. Love & miss ya!

Bonnie- CONGRATS ON FINISHING YOUR FIRST OPEN! I am so happy I peer-pressured you to sign up. Every week you pushed yourself so hard and on Friday night after 16.5 I was SO proud of you for competing and it really lit a match under my butt to perform.

Hallie- You will always be that athlete that I strive to beat. You are an amazing athlete and I enjoyed hearing from you after you’d do the Open workout in the 10am class and take all of your tips & tricks. Seriously girl- you should be proud of what you have accomplished in your years of CrossFit. Plenty of us still remember your 24th place finish in 13.3 in the entire region. #BallerStatus.

My chicks- You know who you are. There are a million words to describe our friendship and how it has grown over just a short period of time. You have all made me stronger and truly made CrossFit exciting again. Thank you for cheering me on every week, celebrating with me when I got a top 3 team finish on 16.3, but most importantly thanks for enjoying donuts, coffee, and working out as much as I do.

The 2016 CrossFit Games Open has come to an end, and there is one more person that has been there for me every week. Dan. You are amazing, and this year was special in the fact that instead of you watching me first and then you doing the workout it was the other way around for the first four weeks. I was able to watch you, cheer you on, and then took that excitement and plug it into my workouts. Thank you for being the best fiancé ever and for being an awesome competitors coach as well. It has only taken me three years to be able to allow you to coach me. Love u.




15 Mar

For the first time in the CrossFit Game Open, Bar Muscle Ups were introduced. Luckily for me, those came a lot easier than ring muscle ups.

Before I get into detail, I need to give Invictus Competition training some kudos. Their training is pretty spot on with how the open will work. We have done many workouts with bar muscle ups, overhead walking lunges, snatches for time, power cleans while fatigued, and this year I have felt more prepared than ever, really- thanks to them.

On Friday March 11th during our Friday Night Lights throwdown there was a lot of stuff going on around me, but just like every week, certain things stuck out. First the bad, then the good. We had a few people rip their hands during practice and during the workout which is never fun, and I also witnessed a lot of people trying really hard to get their first every Bar Muscle Up, but personally didn’t get to see anyone actually get one. To all of you who couldn’t get one – This is what the open is for. To expose weaknesses. A year ago I definitely did not have a bar muscle up, now luckily I do, but that is only because I have been practicing them for about that long. If you put in the time and practice, they will come. As for the good, let me repeat- I witnessed a lot of people trying really hard to get their first Bar Muscle up.

Kassi- You totally have one. If you hadn’t started to blister during your warm up, I know with a little bit of practice, the bar MU is yours. Your pull ups and chest to bars are awesome, you have the momentum to get your body up there we just gotta get the fundamentals down for you to get up and over that bar. Maybe next time drink your beer before the workout. Just kidding.

Angela- I know today you have more than one bruise, but I hope that you are determined to get that first bar MU soon. Like we kept saying, you are damn close- you just need the confidence and the pull to get it. When the open is over, we are going to get that upper body just as mobile and strong as your lower body. Even though you didn’t get one, I am still proud of you for trying and trying and trying.

Patrick- I am not sure I have ever seen you push yourself as hard as you did this past Friday. I could see that by 6:30 you had entered that dark place and really listened to us to not drop the damn bar. Seeing you in the fetal position for longer than the workout lasted was pretty awesome and you should be proud of yourself to getting to that spot that many of us try to get to but never really do.

Bradley- Thanks for pushing me just a little bit harder on Monday when we both decided to redo the workout. I knew you had it in you to do better and you really helped set a pace for me in order to get one more rep. You and I together have come a long way over the years, and it was a lot of fun going head-to-head.

As for my performance, I can officially say that this is the first time that I have ever submitted a top 3 team score. In my 4th year doing the open, I have never been a top girl at the gym. Ever. For this workout I completed 5 rounds, plus 9 snatches submitting a score of 74 reps with a 6:28 tie break time. I stuck to my game plan both times I did the workout and did the snatches unbroken, and singles on the Bar MUs. I do not know how to link them yet, so I wasn’t going to attempt it now in a competition setting. Afterward, my forearms and grip was shot and my shoulders were also on fire. No matter the pain, the feeling of being on top for once felt pretty great.

Gosh.. What is left for movements? Box jumps. Wall balls. Deadlifts. Kettlebell swings. Ring Muscle Ups. Handstand Push Ups. Heaven forbid they do pistols.. That’ll be when I am in the same boat as some of you were in this week.


9 Mar

16.2 displayed a lot of awesome qualities in people that I have not seen before at the gym. I see these people work out daily, but yet those exact same people blew my mind during our Friday Night Lights event. On Thursday night when the workout was announced, I liked it. I liked it even though I wasn’t sure I would make it past the first round. The workout included Toes-To-Bar (T2B), Double Unders (DU), and Squat Cleans. If you know me, you know that DUs are in my wheelhouse while anything squat related is sometimes a struggle. I enjoy squat cleans, but sometimes my ankles and hips say the opposite.

Friday came and first I was surprised with an awesome gift from my friend Angela. It was a tank top that says, “Live Your Life,” and it is sort of an inside joke between us and our significant others, but it made me so happy and I wore it during the workout. I warmed up a little bit but when I started to watch the first few people do the workout, this is what got me excited.

Jesse – While I was warming up Angela came into the front room and yelled, “Jess is on round three- she is the only one in Rx who has made it this far!” I dropped my bar and came to watch. First clean at 145lbs, awesome. Second clean at 145lbs, bad ass. Third clean and holy shit she lost grip. You’re so awesome, you said, “I’m okay,” and kept going. I was so proud of you for hitting 5 cleans, but what I am more amazed by is your ability to get to the third round doing mostly single t2b. wow.

Shawn L- In the exact same heat as Jesse, you were flying through your rounds. Dan told me that you mentioned you had never cleaned “that much weight” before and then hit it twice. The Open does this to people. People PR like crazy, and I think you deserve it. After learning about everything you have gone through over the past year and talking to you more on Saturday, you are seriously so inspirational and I cannot wait to share your story in April with our gym via our monthly newsletter.

Jane – That amazing mom strength. 429 in the masters division. That is remarkable. What I thought was the coolest thing though was when you and your daughter cheered on Samantha right before hand, the entire time not letting her quit when she probably wanted to. From a mom to a mother-to-be it was really sweet to watch that bond between you two.

Kyle S- From someone who didn’t get past the first round due to DUs, to someone who got into the second round on Monday goes to show that practice helps. Practice does not necessarily get you to be perfect, but it gets you somewhere. DUs do not come easy to some people and to watch you practice for a good hour on Saturday morning and for you to take my 5,000 tips I am proud of you and hope you continue to practice them, because in the few months you have been at CFSD you have grown to be such an amazing athlete with an incredible drive to ‘figure shit out.’

Oh, and if you came to read my story about my performance on 16.2 I completed the workout twice and both times I made it to the second round with the exact same amount of reps. 170. As I tackled the workout two different ways, I learned that 170 was the best score I could get and I am happy with it. Of course I would have loved to get to the third round, but hell, everyone always wants to do better.