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29 Jun

There are many places to run. And every runner has their one trail or gym they would prefer to run at. These past two weeks I have been very lucky and have been able to travel to Germany, and have been able to run on many different trails and was privileged enough to run on someone else’s favorite trail.

See one of the trails here: Fly Route in 3D and View Elevation

Many articles have said it is better to run on dirt trails to help with balance and agility and some other articles recommend treadmills if you have bad knees. While in Germany, I ran in two seperate forests, along a canal, and also on a paved trail that kids use to get to school. I say, no matter what you are trianing for, mix it up. A lot of people get into a routine and don’t try these new trails or believe everything they read and don’t try something because one article says not to do this or not to do that. You are the only person who can put your body to the test and after this week, I have realized that I enjoy trail running in the forest more than anything else. In the forest, even on the hottest days, because of the trees and the shade they provide, it is much cooler and you can go for a longer time. Another positive is that you get more inclines and declines along the way so your body is constantly challenged. What’s not to love?

If you have the opportunity to travel to another country or even to the next town over, bring your running shoes and try to “walk (or run) in someone else’s shoes” for a change, and you may find out you really enjoy it.


14 Jun

The story of how I started to really enjoy running and competing is simple. I was single, lived at home with my parents, and needed a hobby. Now, that hobby has become routine, and I have realized over the past week that if I do not have a race in the future, running is harder and not as enjoyable. Before the Kaiser Permanente Half Marathon & the Bolder Boulder I was running 4 to 5 miles daily and then the week after the Bolder Boulder I took the week off to rest and be lazy. Now I am starting my routine back up and yesterday I was at Paul Derda Rec Center in Broomfield and three miles was dreadful. Even two miles was annoying. So I started to think… What can I do to change this? My easy answer to myself would be: sign up for another race.

So, that’s what I shall do. There are plenty of races I could sign up for. The Heart & Sole Half Marathon and 10K, the Sand Creek Half, 5K/10K, the 2012 UNDERWEARNESS Drop Your Drawers & Run 5KRun & Zoo Walk, and so many more, but I think after searching, I have found my next race. And it is a type of race I have never done before. It is the Survivor Mud Run in Berthoud, CO in July. Dan and I are going to do it together and we just registered and I am already nervous. I enjoy pushing myself to new limits, and I can’t wait to do that with my boyfriend and push each other every step, or shall I say, every sloshy-mudfilled-step of the way to the finish line. Wish me luck. a lot of luck…

SilverSneakers in Coral

12 Jun

In Broomfield there is a SilverSneakers program for seniors who are active, and before I turned 25, I thought I would feel old and over the hill, but because I am active, I don’t feel a day over 20. For my birthday my boyfriend gave me what any girl would want- his credit card. But he was smart gave me a limit. Instead of the typical girl on her birthday who would want make up, or high heels, I wanted a new pair of running shorts and training shoes. Thank you to Lululemon & Nike and Dan’s generous birthday ‘allowance’ I now have three more items to add to my addiction of running attire.

First off, I want to tell everyone to go buy a pair of Lululemon socks. They feel as though you are running on clouds and now we all can find out how Mario felt. These socks are so soft and cushion-y I may never wear another pair of socks again. They run about $14 a pair, which some people may think is a little steep, but they will feel great no matter how much of an incline you run at. They are fun too- on the inside they have a little inspiration written in them telling you to “Run Fast.” I put these on and feel like I have a commitment and must fulfill the job of these socks to run fast(er). Hey- every little bit helps, right!?

Personally, my favorite brand of running shoe is Brooks. They feel amazing, and I have ran a lot of miles in the pairs that I have had. But for training purposes, I enjoy wearing Nike Frees. I don’t enjoy running more than 4 miles in them due to my weak ankles, but I have been wearing them to build up my strength and help with balance. So, for me working out and eating right are key, but being a girl, I like being stylish and I am in LOVE with bright colors at the moment and if you put all of these elements together it makes me perform better and at my highest ability. Cute clothes and shoes along with the right mind set will take you far weather you are 25 or 65. Enjoy



8 Jun

I have always ran in whatever shorts or workout pants I grabbed out of my drawer and never cared to get all hyped up on the running gear that has come out over the years. But now, the running snob is coming out.

I now own two tech shirts and this week I purchased my first pair of actual running shorts. Yes, the ones with a liner in them and a small pocket in the back to hold my key/creditcard/what-have-you. I now know why people go crazy over these things. The tech shirt was my absolute best friend in the Kaiser Permanente Colfax Half Marathon. Although it was black, the air that flows through the shirt is amazing. And then- the shorts. Wow. No more cotton shorts, no more yoga pants, I am sticking to polyester shorts with liners. For girls- we don’t have to worry about sweating in the underwear we wore that day if we decide to run at lunch, and they are so lightweight, they don’t add unneeded extra weight to your run. Oh ya- and if you decide to run through a slip-n-slide or sprinklers like they have during the Bolder Boulder 10K they will dry super fast! What is not to love? Seriously.

My question is:


5 Jun

I never thought I would be a fast runner, and I still consider myself to be ‘slow’ in comparison to a lot of other competitive runners. I do compete with others during a race, or even while I am on the treadmill- but the real competition is with myself. Ten years ago, I could barely run a mile, and now as my 25th birthday is on the horizon (JUNE 11th whoohhoo), I have completed a mini triathlon, a few 5K, a handful of 10K, and one half marathon race, and my pace has progressively gotten faster.

Speed is only one aspect of running in any race. Some runners like to start a race at their fastest pace knowing that at the end of the race they may be too tired to give it their all. Other runners like to pace themselves and start the race at their slowest pace possible. My technique is to start the race at a comfortable pace, and then after about a mile, zone in, get into a stride, and hold that through the entire race. To me, it doesn’t matter the length of the race because if I get into a stride, I can keep a pretty decent pace that won’t let me down when I see my finish time.

A website I would like to let other runners know about is On this site you can put in your mile time in minutes and then a list of running songs comes up to help you keep your desired pace. You can set up different playlists and also sample all of the songs before you go ahead and download them.  I have a few favorite songs to run to so right now, here are my top 5:

1. Blake Lewis “Break Anotha” I will search for this song towards the end of my workout to pump me up and keep me going and finish strong.

2. Kat DeLuna ft. Lil’ Wayne “Unstoppable” Just looking at the title, you know why it helps… keep goin!

3. Far East Movement ft. Snoop Dog “If I Was You (OMG)” This song has a great beat, and I like it, so it gets me in a good mood and I stop thinking about how long the run is, or how much I have left..

4. Christina Aguilera ft. Nicki Minaj “Woohoo” Has a great beat, and gets me pumped up in the middle of my run.

5. Maroon 5 “Moves Like Jagger” As much as this song is overplayed on the radio, I never skip over it on my ipod for some reason. It is a good song to run to and short enough not to get bored during my run.