8 Jun

I have always ran in whatever shorts or workout pants I grabbed out of my drawer and never cared to get all hyped up on the running gear that has come out over the years. But now, the running snob is coming out.

I now own two tech shirts and this week I purchased my first pair of actual running shorts. Yes, the ones with a liner in them and a small pocket in the back to hold my key/creditcard/what-have-you. I now know why people go crazy over these things. The tech shirt was my absolute best friend in the Kaiser Permanente Colfax Half Marathon. Although it was black, the air that flows through the shirt is amazing. And then- the shorts. Wow. No more cotton shorts, no more yoga pants, I am sticking to polyester shorts with liners. For girls- we don’t have to worry about sweating in the underwear we wore that day if we decide to run at lunch, and they are so lightweight, they don’t add unneeded extra weight to your run. Oh ya- and if you decide to run through a slip-n-slide or sprinklers like they have during the Bolder Boulder 10K they will dry super fast! What is not to love? Seriously.

My question is:


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