SilverSneakers in Coral

12 Jun

In Broomfield there is a SilverSneakers program for seniors who are active, and before I turned 25, I thought I would feel old and over the hill, but because I am active, I don’t feel a day over 20. For my birthday my boyfriend gave me what any girl would want- his credit card. But he was smart gave me a limit. Instead of the typical girl on her birthday who would want make up, or high heels, I wanted a new pair of running shorts and training shoes. Thank you to Lululemon & Nike and Dan’s generous birthday ‘allowance’ I now have three more items to add to my addiction of running attire.

First off, I want to tell everyone to go buy a pair of Lululemon socks. They feel as though you are running on clouds and now we all can find out how Mario felt. These socks are so soft and cushion-y I may never wear another pair of socks again. They run about $14 a pair, which some people may think is a little steep, but they will feel great no matter how much of an incline you run at. They are fun too- on the inside they have a little inspiration written in them telling you to “Run Fast.” I put these on and feel like I have a commitment and must fulfill the job of these socks to run fast(er). Hey- every little bit helps, right!?

Personally, my favorite brand of running shoe is Brooks. They feel amazing, and I have ran a lot of miles in the pairs that I have had. But for training purposes, I enjoy wearing Nike Frees. I don’t enjoy running more than 4 miles in them due to my weak ankles, but I have been wearing them to build up my strength and help with balance. So, for me working out and eating right are key, but being a girl, I like being stylish and I am in LOVE with bright colors at the moment and if you put all of these elements together it makes me perform better and at my highest ability. Cute clothes and shoes along with the right mind set will take you far weather you are 25 or 65. Enjoy



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