14 Jun

The story of how I started to really enjoy running and competing is simple. I was single, lived at home with my parents, and needed a hobby. Now, that hobby has become routine, and I have realized over the past week that if I do not have a race in the future, running is harder and not as enjoyable. Before the Kaiser Permanente Half Marathon & the Bolder Boulder I was running 4 to 5 miles daily and then the week after the Bolder Boulder I took the week off to rest and be lazy. Now I am starting my routine back up and yesterday I was at Paul Derda Rec Center in Broomfield and three miles was dreadful. Even two miles was annoying. So I started to think… What can I do to change this? My easy answer to myself would be: sign up for another race.

So, that’s what I shall do. There are plenty of races I could sign up for. The Heart & Sole Half Marathon and 10K, the Sand Creek Half, 5K/10K, the 2012 UNDERWEARNESS Drop Your Drawers & Run 5KRun & Zoo Walk, and so many more, but I think after searching, I have found my next race. And it is a type of race I have never done before. It is the Survivor Mud Run in Berthoud, CO in July. Dan and I are going to do it together and we just registered and I am already nervous. I enjoy pushing myself to new limits, and I can’t wait to do that with my boyfriend and push each other every step, or shall I say, every sloshy-mudfilled-step of the way to the finish line. Wish me luck. a lot of luck…


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