6 Jul

All you do on vacation is eat, drink, sleep, and repeat. No matter where you go there is always time to eat, drink and sleep. Of course, some beach vacations may entail more resting and relaxing, and the vacations to a busy town may be more hectic and you may walk more than you normally do. But no matter what town you are visiting, most people do not want to go work out. Vacation is a time to get away, and to do things that you normally wouldn’t do or get to do at home. I can vouch for that.

While I was in Germany for 10 days, I did go on some runs to try and stay a bit active, but nothing like I typically do at home. In 10 days at home, I typically will run or go to some sort of class 6 or 7 of the 10 days. In Germany Dan and I ran three times together and then walked for the most part. My body was like jello and it needed a jump start upon arriving in the states.

So, jump start it is. This past week I have dedicated a lot of my free time and lunch hours to working out. And my body has not felt this sore in months. Whether or not you are coming from a long vacation, or are board with your routine, take two weeks and do something different.  If you cannot stray away from your morning runs, or your afternoon walks, don’t, but shorten them and add something else. That is what I did.

At lunch, instead of running the entire time, I ran at a 6.4 on the treadmill for 15 minutes, and then did one set of 10 bicep curls, then 10 shoulder presses, and then 10 back extensions and did this three times. After I completed that I hopped back on the treadmill and sprinted 1 minute, jogged one minute at a 4 incline and did this 3 times equaling to 6 minutes. My lunch break is only an hour long and so after I was done with the treadmill I hit the mat and did some abdominal work and stretched out.

This is just an example of something you can do to challenge your body and to not get bored. I hope to always challenge myself and to always keep my body guessing. And this week, it has had to guess every day.


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