10 Aug

I am a list maker. I even go as far to put little boxes next to the things I need to do so that I can check them off. I have always done this. Don’t judge.

Lists could work for you when it comes to working out! On Sunday night, or Monday morning set some goals for yourself, and write them down. Hand write them. Yes- with a a pen or pencil. Even go as far to use pretty colors. For each week, I look up my gyms fitness schedule and pick at least three classes I want to go to. Spin always seems to find its way in there on Wednesdays, and I have even started to add some Les Mills Body Pump to the mix which I am enjoying. If you are not a member at a gym, maybe check the weather for that week and try to plan a workout outside one or two days, and then the other days maybe go swim if you have a pool available, or even go on a night time walk to stay active.

Once you have made your list, when you accomplish something cross it off. There is something about crossing something off a list that makes you feel so much more accomplished.


Everyone’s list looks different. But it is one thing that keeps me motivated week to week. For an example, here is a list I made for next week:Image



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