1 Oct

Whether you are running from your fears, running towards someone you love, or running in circles, life is full of changes and it is okay to keep running, but at some point, take a minute to stop and enjoy what is going on in the moment. Over the past couple of months Dan and I have been running in circles, and our lives are starting to change. In July of this year we decided to start the wild goose hunt and search for our first home together. We have been renting an apartment and with rent prices going up, and mortgage rates at an all time low we both decided it would be smart to buy a home instead of rent an apartment for another year.

Boy, were we in for a whirlwind. We both did not realize the time and effort it takes to find the right home, and how emotional it could be. The hunt started and to our surprise we found a house we liked went to make an offer on it and come to find out, that house went under contract the night before. We were disappointed, but knew we had to keep looking and ‘everything happens for a reason.’ Fast forward a month and after looking at 26 homes, making offers on four and getting out-bid on all of those, we found our dream home. When we found out that our offer was accepted, as Dan wrote in an email to our parents, “I will never forget Kyla’s face running out of the bathroom, tears in her eyes, not saying a word and I just knew we finally got it! I don’t think I have smiled any bigger than I did for the 5 minutes we hugged and Simba sitting on our laps for my whole life.”

We closed on the house last week, and I have never been so excited for something so life changing. It isn’t the fact that I run from fear, but I tend to avoid it like the plague and now, Dan and I are homeowners and making a very big change to our lives, and we are both thrilled. I would not be this thrilled if I didn’t have these people in my life, and I want to personally thank them individually:

First off, Dan– Thank you for being such an amazing man in my life, and thank you for loving me unconditionally even when I would have a break down because I was scared. I cannot wait to turn this house into our home.

Mom & Dad– Thank you for being amazing parents, and always asking how things are going, and also listening to me rant and rave about the houses we looked at each day. There was a lot, but deep down, I always love your opinions and want your approval.

Dan’s family– Thanks for coming over and helping us paint, put furniture together, take our trash and I am so happy I am with a man with such an amazing family. I love having you in my life as well, and we both really appreciate everything you do for us.

My co-workers– Thanks for having an interest in my journey and giving me great advise on home ownership. And, a special thanks to Kathryn Bergh, for looking over my inspection, Barb Kuettel for getting me in contact with the right people in Englewood for permit information, Dan Feller for explaining my loan to me in better detail, and to my team; Jill, Greg, Gary, and Eileen for being a great support system.

My Friends– All of you have made a big impact on my life, and although I am moving a little bit further south from my friends up north, just so you know- there is a spare bedroom now, not just a couch so there is a place to stay. There are too many individual people to thank, but you all should know that I love your support!!

And lastly, Dan and I had the best realtor and lender we could have imagined. Lindsay Mick, with PorchLight Real Estate Group (http://myagent.porchlightgroup.com/lindsaymick) and Hunter Combs with Pinnacle Mortgage Group, Inc. (www.pinnacle-mortgage.com/huntercombs) were nothing but the best. You guys really made this process go as smooth as it could go, and I want to thank each one of you for answering your emails so quickly and always being available night and day.



One Response to “HomeOwnership”

  1. Gerlinde October 8, 2012 at 8:40 am #

    Hi, Kyla – I just came across this blog – nicely done! You are so “with it” with the fb posting, blogging, Lord knows what ELSE you do I haven’t stumbled across yet, as I am not so tuned in, on purpose (old school :0) You are an amazing young woman, and I’m glad you are part of our family, as well – xoxo – Gerlinde

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