26 Dec

Today, while I was in my lunch-time spin class I wanted to just give up, walk over to my gym bag, go shower and go home and take a nap. But something kept me fighting. Something kept me going. And what kept me going surprised me.

There is this guy I know, who I have only met maybe twice or three times at most through a family friend who will be competing in the newest season of Biggest Loser on NBC and really I know him better because of Facebook and Twitter… which really means I don’t know him at all. His name is Jeff Nichols, and he was my inspiration today at spin class and I haven’t even seen him compete on the show yet- but when I thought about him competing, and the heart and drive those contestants give, it made me keep going.

Whether it is a person, an object, a photo, or someone yelling in your ear to keep going, do just that- keep going! And keep moving. We can all do it.

Good luck Jeff!

Follow him on Twitter at

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