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9 Jan

CrossFit is just what the doctor prescribed. It just took me awhile to get myself in a CrossFit gym, and not be scared to take the oath to myself to make this a new routine. At the CrossFit gym I signed up with ( they have a beginners, crash course called Elements. Elements consists of three, one hour classes showing you how to do some Olympic Lifts, that your average athlete may not know how to do properly. Once you have completed each class you ‘graduate’ and you can start doing the workout of the day (WODs).

Lets just say… I am a hurtin’ today. I did the Monday and Tuesday WOD and am taking today off. I hurt, I can barely reach over my head, and when I sit down it looks like my skeleton is made of china, like I don’t want to brake it… But I feel great. I feel accomplished. I feel like this is such a life altering commitment that I have made to myself and couldn’t be happier. For both Monday and Tuesday I did not follow RX, or even RX2 because I am learning the motions, and getting over the fear of messing up— But I know that one day, I will get to the level of other CrossFit athletes, as long as I keep practicing, and pushing myself.