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27 Feb

Runners have the marathon. Cyclists have the century ride. Triathletes have the Ironman. All those events set the stage for personal and memorable victories. In all those events, every finish line is a victory, and every athlete has a personal story to tell about their journey.

-Niki Mathias


18 Feb

From the day I started doing crossfit on Saturdays for free at Crossfit Denver, my boyfriend, Dan kept asking me what my goal was. I had no idea what sort of goal to set, or what I wanted to accomplish, other than getting in great shape. But in crossfit, goals are a little bit different. If you eat right and do the work outs of the day (WOD), well then, duh- you will get in shape. Dan told me to dig deeper. So at the new year, I said that I wanted to perform an unassisted pull up. The goal is to do three in a row without dropping, and I am on my way!

I started crossfit using three bands (they look like large rubber bands) to help me with an assisted pull up to get through the WODs. Slowly, but surly, today I did my first WOD without ANY bands, and although I had to break at almost every single one, and I only got two in a row I could not believe it. I was the last one to finish the WOD in a little over 16 minutes, but I did 45 pull ups with no bands. 45! I am still in shock.

Coming from a girl who has never been able to use the monkey bars at recess in elementary school, or even last year for that matter, I want to tell all of you, that if you work at something, you can achieve it, and the minute you do, you will not be able to stop gloating… And you have the right to¬†dwell on one’s own success. You deserve it.