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17 Jul

“If you post one more thing about CrossFit, I am going to hide you from my newsfeed.”

Well. Go ahead.


Facebook…. along with all of the other social media sites are there for people to post what they want and what excites them in life. I get sick of seeing baby photos, religious posts, and for me the worst are the depressed “today was a bad day” posts, but you don’t see me telling you to stop posting that. That is your life, and that is what you are putting out there for the world to see. Through Facebook, and Instagram the world will see that I am a member of CrossFit, I enjoy buying Lululemon and Reebok, love to cook Paleo, and I have a Chihuahua named Simba.

I get that people who do not workout do not care to hear about my Fran time, and people who do not have a dog don’t understand why I would need to post a photo of Simba sleeping. It’s not that I need to post these things, I just do. And it makes me happy.  It is a documentation of my life. I post these things, and one day can go back and look at my first CrossFit Games Open workout, Simba as a puppy, or a status I posted about becoming a homeowner. These things are valuable to me and although there are always those ‘dumb’ status updates that are part of the mix, it was what was on my mind at that exact moment, and while some people will judge, I will have it forever.

Live your life. And post about it. There is someone out there that cares to read about it, or wants to see the photo. Even it is only your mom.



10 Jul

Last week I wrote about setting goals, and was very excited about new personal records (PRs) I had set for myself, but last night I had the complete opposite feeling. I realize that with CrossFit you really do need to leave your ego at the door and that you are there to better yourself, but last night my attitude got the best of me, and my performance lacked. Everyone has their ‘off’ days. Everyone has experienced a bad workout. Yesterday was mine.

We started the night out with snatch-grip deadlifts which is a normal deadlift, but with a wider grip on the bar. I was doing okay with this strength portion of the workout, and felt a good burn when the seven rounds of two reps was completed. But then that all changed for our cardio portion which was “Power Elizabeth” which is:


21-15-9 Reps (For Time)

Power Clean 135lbs(men)/95lbs(women)

Ring Dips


Doesn’t seem too difficult right?! Well… Wrong. Elizabeth is a bitch, who put me in my place last night. This Elizabeth chick is on my list, and now I know what I need to work on (among many other things).  I had to scale the workout down so that I could actually complete it and so my WOD looked like this:

21-15-9 (For Time)

Power Clean at 85lbs

Ring Dips with a 20” box to rest my toes on for scaling


And even after scaling- I was the last person to finish the WOD out of the class of 18 people. Normally it doesn’t bother me if I am the last one to finish, but something was off last night and although I came to the realization that I need to seriously work on ring dips and my cleans, I also need to remember to breathe, not to let the clock get the best of me, and to remember that I have only been doing this crazy sport of CrossFit for 7 months and that I should be proud of myself. I have tendency to end my blog posts with a few words of encouragement and today is no different. If you have a bad workout, don’t let it affect you for too long. Move on. Life it too short to sweat (pun intended) the small stuff.


3 Jul

I have always had goals. At the age of 3 or 4 I had a goal to stop sucking my thumb which I conquered with many sleepless nights I am sure. In high school, I had the goal of being accepted to college, which became a completed task in 2009 when I graduated from the University of Colorado- Boulder.  After college I had the goal of entering the real world, with a job in my field. I set this goal out for myself because I know the numbers are not very high for people to go work in the field they studied in college. Bam… Got my degree in Geography and am working in GIS, and am happy that I completed this goal as well. I am a goal seeker. And now, with CrossFit, I have goals that are never ending, and there is always work that needs done. This is where the term PR comes into play.

PR: Personal Record

In the past two days, I have set three new PRs for myself. I never realized how good that feels until I hit those PR’s and then went on to do Annie (50 Double Unders, 50 Sit Ups, 40 DUs, 40SUs, 30DUs, 30SUs, 20, 20, 10, 10 – for time) and hit a goal of mine- to make it on the board at our gym. I am so happy with the progress I have made, and if you would have talked to me seven months ago, I would have never set a goal of Front Squatting 130lbs, or thought I could do Annie in under six minutes. The other PR I hit was Nancy. This workout consists of 15 Overhead Squats at 65lbs, and then a 400Meter Run, 5 rounds, for time.

A lot of people who do not do CrossFit think I talk about it too much, or do not understand the “cult.” But if you listen to me, it is not just the sport of CrossFit that I am addicted to; I am addicted to making myself better. I am excited to share with you the goals I have. I am inspired by the people I watch every day. Everyone should have a goal, and everyone should be excited when they accomplish that goal. There is no shame in sharing with the world what you have done, and how it has made you better. Hell. Set a goal of making your bed every morning… Start simple… but set a goal.