3 Jul

I have always had goals. At the age of 3 or 4 I had a goal to stop sucking my thumb which I conquered with many sleepless nights I am sure. In high school, I had the goal of being accepted to college, which became a completed task in 2009 when I graduated from the University of Colorado- Boulder.  After college I had the goal of entering the real world, with a job in my field. I set this goal out for myself because I know the numbers are not very high for people to go work in the field they studied in college. Bam… Got my degree in Geography and am working in GIS, and am happy that I completed this goal as well. I am a goal seeker. And now, with CrossFit, I have goals that are never ending, and there is always work that needs done. This is where the term PR comes into play.

PR: Personal Record

In the past two days, I have set three new PRs for myself. I never realized how good that feels until I hit those PR’s and then went on to do Annie (50 Double Unders, 50 Sit Ups, 40 DUs, 40SUs, 30DUs, 30SUs, 20, 20, 10, 10 – for time) and hit a goal of mine- to make it on the board at our gym. I am so happy with the progress I have made, and if you would have talked to me seven months ago, I would have never set a goal of Front Squatting 130lbs, or thought I could do Annie in under six minutes. The other PR I hit was Nancy. This workout consists of 15 Overhead Squats at 65lbs, and then a 400Meter Run, 5 rounds, for time.

A lot of people who do not do CrossFit think I talk about it too much, or do not understand the “cult.” But if you listen to me, it is not just the sport of CrossFit that I am addicted to; I am addicted to making myself better. I am excited to share with you the goals I have. I am inspired by the people I watch every day. Everyone should have a goal, and everyone should be excited when they accomplish that goal. There is no shame in sharing with the world what you have done, and how it has made you better. Hell. Set a goal of making your bed every morning… Start simple… but set a goal.


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