17 Jul

“If you post one more thing about CrossFit, I am going to hide you from my newsfeed.”

Well. Go ahead.


Facebook…. along with all of the other social media sites are there for people to post what they want and what excites them in life. I get sick of seeing baby photos, religious posts, and for me the worst are the depressed “today was a bad day” posts, but you don’t see me telling you to stop posting that. That is your life, and that is what you are putting out there for the world to see. Through Facebook, and Instagram the world will see that I am a member of CrossFit, I enjoy buying Lululemon and Reebok, love to cook Paleo, and I have a Chihuahua named Simba.

I get that people who do not workout do not care to hear about my Fran time, and people who do not have a dog don’t understand why I would need to post a photo of Simba sleeping. It’s not that I need to post these things, I just do. And it makes me happy.  It is a documentation of my life. I post these things, and one day can go back and look at my first CrossFit Games Open workout, Simba as a puppy, or a status I posted about becoming a homeowner. These things are valuable to me and although there are always those ‘dumb’ status updates that are part of the mix, it was what was on my mind at that exact moment, and while some people will judge, I will have it forever.

Live your life. And post about it. There is someone out there that cares to read about it, or wants to see the photo. Even it is only your mom.


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