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30 Jan

I am 26. I was born in 1987. I recently read that the average age for childbearing is now younger than the average age for marriage, and by the age of 25, 44% of women have had a baby, and 38% have been married. I do not have a child and I am not married. And I am perfectly okay with that. I am 26 and happy.

I am putting together a list of things that people should do before they have a baby or get married… Before the Facebook status goes from ‘its complicated’ to ‘married to so-and-so’ and before my entire news feed gets bombarded with your baby pictures. We get it, you’re happy. But so am I. So, you ask.. What makes you so happy? I am not saying my list are the exact reasons I am happy- but everyone should do this.. just once and live a little for yourself before you have to stop being selfish, and start caring for another human being – baby or husband/wife. Here it goes.


1. Travel.

2. Have your heart broken.

3. Get caught doing something bad. Like stealing. Not drugs.

4. Donate your hair.

5. Kiss a stranger.

6. Get your degree.

7. Let someone else do your taxes.

8. Get a tattoo. And while you’re add it, get a piercing. Maybe not at the same time, but just do it.

9. Let your 4-year old niece put makeup on you

10. Try CrossFit

11. Get a puppy. It can only prepare you for kids.

12. Call your parents, and tell them that you love them.

13. Shoot a gun.

14. Run a half marathon.

15. Start a 401K.

16. Laugh out loud in the car by yourself.

17. Throw up from a long night of drinking.

18. Etch your initials in a tree.

19. Build a sand castle.

20. Sleep naked.

21. Leave your phone in the car when you are out at dinner.

22. Start a blog.

23. Hand write a letter to someone. And mail it.

24. Vote.

25. Read a book. And not only because you saw a movie preview of it. Read it before you have any idea what a character will look like on the big screen.

26. And finally.. Love yourself.



25 Jan

Quick back story: a woman at our gym registered, but could not participate in the Winter WOD Fest that CrossFit Eminence puts on – and wasn’t able to get a refund, so 16 hours before the competition I took her spot. Winter WOD Fest is a two-day competition that involves three workouts on Saturday and two on Sunday and what I come to the realization of is that it is no joke, and it is a competition you don’t just do on a whim. A few words to describe my first day in the competition are: 1. Overwhelming 2. Humbling 3. Eye-Opening.

1. Overwhelming

These girls are the bees-knees and because I am such a competitive person I get the jitters, can’t eat, and just want to impress people… And today- I didn’t even really impress myself, but that is just because I did not perform as well as I wanted to. It is an overwhelming feeling to feel unimpressed with yourself. I know what I am capable of, but my Mind,-yes I am referring to my mind as a person- really took over today and was a big, nasty, bitch. The mind can be a real downer sometimes, and now after today, on top of my long list of things I need to work on at the gym, Getting Mentally Strong is now on top.

2. Humbling

Some days I walk into the gym, crush the WOD, post my results and feel on top of the world. Today- everyone there was most likely one of the top girls at their gym in something, and everyone brought their A-game. It is a humbling experience to workout with some of the best CrossFit Athletes in Colorado and I look at the women with amazement and determination to one day, be like them. one day….

3. Eye-Opening

“Oh, these WODs are tailored for me.” Wrong. Every WOD killed me today. One of them even made me throw up for the first time ever. Does this mean I need to push myself harder in every day WODs. Yes. Does this mean I was naive. Yes. Are these bad things? No. Every competition I have done so far has been eye opening and this is a good thing. I’ll even say it is a great thing. I see what others do to prepare, I notice what others do to be better, and I can only take notes.

CrossFit has really changed my life and doing these competitions will only make me stronger – mentally and physically. I realize this post may seem like a pitty party, but for me, writing about my experiences help. And I hope this helps someone else who may have had a bad workout, came in dead last in a competition, or is struggling. We all have those days and we all just need to keep our heads high, breathe, and know that we are strong and as corny as it may sound- whatever doesn’t kill you, only makes you stronger.



16 Jan

CROSSFIT GAMES 2014 – registered.

bam. here we go.



2 Jan

It is only day two of 2014 and I am already excited about what it will bring. I know most people are excited for the fresh start, or the possibilities of what a new year will bring, and well… I guess you could say I am most people. And that isn’t a bad thing. 

It is refreshing to see so many people happy, excited, and less depressed. The new year really does bring a sense of joy to people. I am already looking forward to challenges I am setting for myself, competitions I want to participate in, and the excitement of my relationships growing stronger. 

As you read in my previous post, last year I was one of those New Years Resolution-ers… This year I am setting goals… Which, I guess, will be accomplished by some resolutions.



Res – o – lu – tion: (Noun) A firm decision to do or not to do something.



I am making the firm decision….

-to not drink alcohol for 30 days

-to add more vegetables to my diet

-to work on my muscle up progression with 9 strict pull ups and 9 strict ring dips three times per week for eight weeks

-to participate in the YLE Nutrition Challenge that starts January 18

-to participate in the 2014 CrossFit Games Open with CrossFit South Denver


In making these firm decisions, these are the goals I hope to achieve by December 31, 2014


-Get a muscle up

-Lower my body fat percentage during the YLE 90 day Nutrition Challenge

-Place higher in the 2014 Open then I did in 2013 and although it isn’t my personal goal to be someone who goes to Regionals, I really hope a team goes from CrossFit South Denver that of course includes Dan

-Be able to do a one-legged squat (Pistol) Rx

-Run a 7 minute (or faster) mile

-Have a sub 7 minute Fran

-Be in the best shape of my life




I will post a follow up after my 90 day YLE Nutrition Challenge, but as of right now here are my numbers:

Height: 65″

Weight: 127.6lbs

BMI: 21.2

Body Fat Percentage: 21.35%

Fat Mass: 27.15lbs

Fat Free Mass: 100.45lbs