3 Mar

Unbroken. Breathless. Repeat.

The CrossFit Games Open has begun, and 14.1 was released this past Thursday. If you are reading this, you are most likely a CrossFitter, or a family member who has already heard what The Open is and what it consists of, so I won’t go into that detail, but this was the workout that over 100,000 people worldwide had to complete by Monday March 3, 2014.

10 Minutes to complete as many reps as possible: 30 Double Unders. 15 Snatches (75lbs for men, 55lbs for women)

As many of you know, I love double unders. It is one of my favorite movements in CrossFit because they came naturally to me and so when the workout was released, I was thrilled. One of my goals was to get through all of my Double Unders unbroken and to get through 6 full rounds, which would equal 270 reps. Three minutes in, this workout leaves you breathless and doubtful that you will be able to get through seven more minutes. But most of the people I have watched have pushed through, gained composure, and have done it for a second time. Along with myself. My first go around I was 0 for 2 on my goals, and out of the past workouts I have seen, this was one workout I felt I could help my CrossFit South Denver team out on. So I knew I needed to redo the workout.

I came into the gym this morning, knew what needed to be done and at 11am, I put myself through the breathless 14.1 once more. aaaannnnnddddd I got through my Double Unders unbroken. Yes! aaaaannnnndddd I was only 1 rep shy of my goal. I got 269. I am happy with my score and am so proud of everyone at my gym. Can’t wait to see what 14.2 is and how hard people will push themselves once more.

Below are a few pics from the weekend—-





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