11 Mar

14.2 is in the books, and although I dropped significantly on the Leaderboard, I am very proud of my performance. The workout involved Overhead squats (OHS), and Chest to Bar Pullups (C2B). Last year for 13.5 C2B was part of a building ladder and I could only get four… and they were strict. This year, for 14.2 I completed 17 C2B in the workout and couldn’t be more excited. Over the past year I have come a long way and although some people may think 12 months is a long time – in the Crossfit world, there is ALWAYS room for improvement on EVERYTHING you do. If I focused on C2B for 12 months, yes, I would be much better and they would be a strong movement that I could do, but then other movements would lack in proficiency. I have worked hard over the past year on multiple movements and to see a 13 rep improvement on my C2B is great.

For 14.2 Muscle Pharm sent over some really awesome shirts and socks for me to wear during the workout and I would like to make a quick shout out to them – Last year Muscle Pharm won numerous awards such as: Glutamine supplement of the year, Amino supplement of the year, and recovery supplement of the year. Muscle Pharm’s “quest is to create a superior line of sports nutrition products that are safe, free of banned substances, and formulated, tested and certified under the most stringent conditions in the marketplace today.” I have tried their COMBAT Protein Powder in both Cookies ‘N Cream and Chocolate Peanut Butter and would recommend both – although I prefer the Chocolate Peanut Butter one better. If you have not tried them out, they can be found at GNC, Costco and other local retailers.



Along the lines of shout outs here are some top moments that stick out in my mind from this past weekend—

~Michelle – Getting your first C2B this weekend is great! Although I did not personally see it, hearing about it got me so excited. I see some gymnastic practice in both of our futures!

~Nicole – Going from 36 reps in your first attempt to 71 reps in your second attempt was amazinggggg! I knew you had it in you and was happy to see you get so many more reps.

~Dan & Katie– You both killed it your second time around for both 14.1 and 14.2. You are both inspirations for me because of your determination to just keep going. No matter how much it sucks you keep going and you push each other – Yelling, “3-2-1 get back on the bar.” It is a great friendship to see and good job to both of you on 14.2!

Rest up, and good luck to everyone who is competing in The Open. Onto 14.3!!!


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