19 Mar

My not so optimistic take on oil pulling….

Maybe I am impatient, oh wait- I know that I am. But either way, I have oil pulled six, maybe seven times and I do not have whiter teeth, do not feel like toxins are being taken away from my body (not that I believed this in the first place, but still…), feel like 20 minutes is a long time to swish oil around in my mouth when there is a perfectly good toothbrush and years of science put into toothpaste that can be used for a mere two to three minutes, and lastly after oil pulling I still am brushing my teeth, using mouth wash, and do not believe all of those people who claim to have not brushed their teeth for over a year due to oil pulling.

I have had one person positively talk to me (face to face) about oil pulling, telling me that when he does it he sees a difference and stands behind it because he gets tarter build up between the two bottom teeth, and he has actually seen the chunk removed after oil pulling. Whoa. Okay, so it works. For some people. Not everyone. I don’t want to call myself a quitter, but as much as I wished oil pulling was for me, I just don’t think it is. And it is okay. It is like my weird obsession with adding butter to my coffee and having everyone at Starbucks stare at me when I 1. ask for a tab of Kerrygold butter and 2. when I add it to the delicious Americano I just paid for. Sure- adding fat to your diet isn’t for everyone either, but I sure as hell love it.

If you are oil pulling, good luck and more power to ya – let me know how it is working out for you.

Articles I read when I first heard about Oil Pulling:

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Why I add butter to my coffee:

Bulletproof Coffee


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