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1 Oct

In September Dan and I celebrated our four year anniversary of being together, he turned 29 years old, and it was also the two year mark of owning our home. September is always a busy month for both of us and this past September I decided to add on one more task for the entire month. RPM Fitness put out a challenge to complete 10,000 double unders (DU) before the end of the month and so I decided to give it a whirl.

Day one, great. Day two, a little sore. Day three I had to take a break. I thought to myself, “Oh gosh, this is going be harder than I anticipated.” I didn’t really break it down before I started, but in order to get 10,000 DUs in the month of September, that means you must complete 333 DUs each day and 334 on the last day. So if you skip a day you better be prepared to do at least 666 DUs. At first 10K didn’t seem so bad, now I was second guessing myself for even starting.

September 15th: Half way mark. I hit 5,242 when the day ended and I felt like I was ahead of the game. My calves started to get used to the pain, I became best friends with the foam roller, and I could see the light at the end of the tunnel.

I knew I had a work trip and that there would be nowhere to get any DUs done, and so before I left I made sure to get a few in, so that when I returned on Friday September 26 I would only have 2,848 left to do in 5 days, which means doing 570 per day. Well…. This was a weekend where something was going on at every minute of every day, but I squeezed in a few on the Friday before the busy weekend started and then on Sunday I was way too hung over to get off the couch let alone jump up and down 600 times.  Monday is when the realization sunk in and I had 2,448 left to do. In two days. Ah shit. So I tied my shoes, got my rope out and went to town on some doubles. Oh what a goal and some determination will do to someone. On Monday I got through 1,451 leaving me to only get through 997 by midnight (well really 9pm.. who am I kidding, midnight is way past my bed time) on Tuesday the 30th.

How could I come this far and not complete the challenge?! I had to complete it! So that is what I did. I got through 200 doubles in the morning, and then made up a workout to finish the rest on my lunch break. I would go on the elliptical for 2 minutes, and then do 100 DUs, and repeat until I was done. Until I was DONE with the #rpmchallenge. I am very happy with myself for getting through this and had a great time pushing myself, and reaching for new goals.