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15 Apr

Last weekend I did something I have not done in over a year. First, on Friday April 10th, while on my lunch break I decided to use the Map My Fitness App and run a 5k to test out my time because on Sunday, I would be participating in my first 5k race SINCE 2013!

Ready, set, go! I had my favorite running playlist on and converted my app to kilometers so that I would know my pace per KM. First KM, 5:05. Second KM, 4:55. And then I stayed in this window for the rest of the run. I completed my Lunch-Time 5K in 24:28 an all-time personal record (PR) for myself. I could not even contain my excitement and went straight to Instagram to share my happy face, time, and route.


Then Sunday morning came. I had offered to volunteer with the 2015 Frank Shorter RACE4Kid’s Health 5k, and they had informed me that I would have time to run the race if I wanted to do so and so I figured, “why not?” I will be there anyways. So, I signed up for the 5k that would start around 9am in Arista-Broomfield.

It was a beautiful day. When we started at 9am, it was probably around 60F degrees and sunny. One major downfall though- wind. Lots of it. Holy crap was it windy on Sunday. This was the first time I wished I had worn sunglasses on my run. I do not know why, but I just don’t enjoy wearing sunglasses when I run. Whatever, that is besides the point. Back to the wind… and the construction going on at Arista. Wind and construction do not mix. Dust and dirt was flying everywhere, and although the wind helped when it was on my back, it sucked at every other angle. I knew I wasn’t going to PR my race time, but still tried my best. 24 minutes and 54 seconds later I crossed the finish line at the 1STBank Center and to my surprise, I was sitting in second place in my 20-29Female category.

I enjoyed my post breakfast meal and watched other people cross the finish line, snapped a photo with Mr. Frank Shorter himself, who, if you don’t know, won the gold medal in the Marathon at the 1972 Summer Olympics. His personal record for the Marathon is 2hours and 10minutes. I am taking that in. And so should you. That is a pace of 3:08┬áper KM, and exactly 5 minute miles. Holy crap. That is fast.


At the end of the day, I won 2nd place and got the silver! I have never placed in the top 3 in any race or competition I have entered and was so excited.


To any of you who are training for you next run, or long distance bike race, a crossfit competition or whatever just know that you may always surprise yourself and while you are competing, just remember to have fun and to use whatever advantages you can, like the wind at my back for example.