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7 Jul

Ahhhh. After a years worth of planning, our wedding was exactly as I had expected and now people are asking me, “So now what are you going to do with your free time?” Before I even go into what the future holds I want to take a step back and fill people in on what truly made our wedding special and fill newly engaged women on what to expect.

First, let me preface that our wedding was everything we wanted, but completely untraditional. We did a few things that kept with tradition, but if you were to ask anyone there what it was like, most people’s responses will make it sound more like a laid-back Sunday Funday. Which is exactly what we wanted to have.

Traditions we kept:

  • Cake Cutting – we were serving donut holes as dessert, but I wanted a Nothing Bundt Cake at the wedding as well and we got one of those to cut into and serve each other.IMG_5328
  • Traditional vows – At our ceremony, we had a set of traditional vows along with personal ones as well.
  • First Dances – We wanted to have our first dance together, and the mother/son & father/daughter dances because they were special to us and Dan had the song picked out before we were even engaged.
  • Toasts – We went in order of my dad, Dan’s best man, and then my maid of honor.
  • Grand Exit – Although we used uber which is not so traditional, we had a grand exit where people blew bubbles and we got taken away at the end of the day.
  • I had my “Something old, something new, something borrowed, something blue.” Old: My mom took her old wedding dress and created a handkerchief out of it that I kept with me, in my pocket. (yes my dress had pockets) New: Necklace from my Dad, Borrowed: Diamond earrings from my Mom, Blue: My shoesBLAQ4288

Traditions we broke or stayed away from:

  • Dessert – No cake. Instead, we served donut holes and cereal to go with our brunch theme.
  • Garder/Flower Toss – I think this is very odd when your husband goes up your dress in front of your entire family, so we ditched the ideas and no one seemed to notice.
  • Officiant – Our very good friend got ordained online for free and was able to officiate our wedding. He did an amazing job and for us, we enjoyed having it be very personal.
  • First Look – I would say ‘first look’ photos are becoming more popular, but we broke the tradition of waiting until I walked down the aisle for us to see each other for the first time. We did first look photos at a park before the ceremony and I would HIGHLY recommend this, as it got all the jitters out before we had to go say our vows and it gave us some time to take it all in just the two of us.IMG_5302.PNG
  • No DJ – what?!?! No DJ? Are we crazy? Well- our wedding was during the day and I had this gut feeling most people wouldn’t dance, so we invested our own time in putting a playlist together on Apple Music. It worked and I was right – we didn’t have a big dance party, and that’s okay because instead, everyone played our ‘lawn’ games.


What we did that even some attendants may not have noticed:

  • I collected every single piece of china which included plates, tea cups, saucers, flatware and had to wash it after the wedding. We had 150 guests. That is a lot of dishes, but when it was all set out- it looked beautiful.IMG_5247
  • Our centerpieces were all my vision and created mostly by me. The champagne bottles, I collected and glued the twine on them, the table numbers were created using my cricut, the vases, corks, and coffee beans were donated to me and with my design, the flowers came from Felicity Allyse (all paper).
  • My bouquet was also created out of paper (and wood). IMG_5435
  • We didn’t give out gifts to our attendants. We both had decided the food/booze is enough and I have been to too many weddings where I can’t event tell you what their gift was to their attendants.
  • Thanks to my friend Judi who works weddings, a ‘find your seat’ board was left behind at another wedding and I took it and recreated my own seating arrangement board. The tags were created by The Purple Bride which I won at an event I went to so this board cost nothing to me, but was absolutely beautiful.IMG_5235
  • Along with a woman at my work we created my wedding announcements and I have received countless compliments on them.
  • Dan’s suit was tailored to him and he now owns the suit forever. It fit him great, and he looked amazing. Although a lot of people say weddings are all about the bride and her dress, we both wanted to feel extra good on our special day, and I tell ya- we did.
  • Most of the yard games were handmade by my parents. (Bags was a gift to us from Matt Jones).
  • Thanks to Becca, we had two Snapchat filters specifically created for our wedding:



So much went into our day, and I am sure I could write more- but from Daniel and me, we want to thank everyone for the well wishes, and we hope you all had fun! If you are a newly engaged couple I would love to answer any questions you may have!

-The Bullocks