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5 Jan

Colorado got hit with around six inches of snow last night. As many of you know, I work 25 miles away from home 6am-5pm. So, that means I wake up around 4:20a (not because I live in colorado, just because that is when Dan gets out of the shower). This morning, at around 5:15a I went out to dust off my car, and in the neighborhood we live in, we like to shovel our sidewalks because we have mail carriers who deliver mail to our door and are walking all day long. So, as I am shoveling around my car my next door neighbor opens his window and in a certain tone says, “Shut the f*** up, I’m trying to sleep.”

Well.. Okay, I know some of you may agree with this dude, and say shoveling at 5am is like mowing your lawn that early, but I was actually doing this to be able to get into my car without tracking tons of snow into my car, and also was clearing a pathway for the mail carrier before heading to work.

Although he slammed his window before I was even able to yell out the words, “Sorry,” I just had to tell myself that some people are in worse situations than I am. I need to keep telling myself:

-At least I have a job where I need to wake up that early

-At least I am able to shovel my own driveway

-I am thankful for the neighbor across the street who was also shoveling and with a welcoming smile on his face said, “Good morning!”

-I am hopeful that some of my shoveling helps the mail carrier

-This guy yelling at me may have a lot more going on than just wanting to rest his eyes

-Some people are not morning people


We need to all remember what we have and be thankful for what we can do and what we have. Although if it snows again, I will be shoveling and scraping my car at 5 in the morning and I hope to see that neighbor at some point before that and let him know that this is just how it is going to be and that I am sorry. And maybe offer him some earplugs.