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23 Apr

One day in January you are sitting there with your long, full head of hair and decide, “I am going to grow it out long enough to donate it.”

The patience game begins….

Summer months come and you are measuring your hair every day to see if it is long enough to chop off because it is SO hot, and you can’t stand this long hair anymore. You tell people that you cannot wait to donate it, and come December it should be long enough.

December rolls around and oh… you think it is a good idea to not cut your long hair to keep you warm during the winter months but then set  a firm date in Spring/Summer for the following year.

That date comes and on your calendar it is highlighted and colored in every possible marker you could find that reads “HAIR CUT” and all of your friends, family, coworkers and even your dog knows that by tomorrow, this hair will be gone.

You cut off just enough hair in order for it to pass for donation and you cannot believe you just donated 10” of your hair. It took so much time to grow it out and now poof- you went from #LongHairDontCare to #ShortHairAndLOVINGit.

This is not the last time you will be cutting your hair short. Believe me- it will get shorter. And shorter. And shorter.

I donated my hair in June of 2013 and the minute I cut if off there were so many things I loved about it, I used a quarter of the amount of shampoo and conditioner, it took me about half the time to blow dry it, and it was just long enough I could still put it in a ponytail. Then July rolled round and I decided, eh- let’s go even shorter. You only live once right? So we went so short that my hairstylist had to bring out the men’s shaver to “clean up my neck line” As a woman, you don’t hear those words very often or even hear the sound of the shaver turn on. Something about it got me excited and since then I have gone a little shorter, played with the neck line of having it be a “hard-line” a “soft-whispy-line” and right now I am rocking the “half moon” neck line. As a woman with short hair there are some things you need to know. And here they are:

-It is nerve wrecking coming home to show your boyfriend “how short you went this time.” He will learn to love it, but you never want him to feel he is dating another man.

-Having short hair as a woman is a little empowering. It will give you a lot of confidence. Maybe not at first, but as the months roll on, the confidence will grow.

-You cannot rock the flannel like you used to with long hair. Unless you like other women, then go right ahead.

-Girls will have hair envy of you and many of them will say, “I wish I could pull off that haircut, I am just too nervous to chop it off.”

-You will have hair envy of them and wish you could just put it in a ponytail or sock bun some days.

-Random people will want to touch your hair. Most of the time when they are drunk- but this will inevitably happen.

-After about 10 months of having it short, you get your hair cut and decide that this is the last time you go so short, and tell yourself that you’re going to start growing it back out.

-And then in 6 weeks you make an appointment and realize you love having your short hair and cut it again. And the cycle continues.


I am currently enjoying having short hair and encourage any woman to try it out. Hell, it is JUST hair. Some people are bald at your age; some people have gone through chemo and cannot grow hair.. It is just hair. It will grow back. But you will never know what you would look like with short hair unless you give it a shot. Some girls cannot pull it off. Just like some girls cannot pull of the platinum blonde hair, while others can. It is fun, and it’ll be awhile for me before I can put my hair in a sock bun, or even feel it brush my shoulders. And I am okay with that.




When I first donated my hair


When I decided to go shorter. With Dan back in August 2013


My current hair cut. See I told you- it keeps getting shorter!


22 Apr

Guess what. 112 days ago millions of you set a New Year’s Resolution, or as I liked to call it – you made firm decisions to change something about what you do day to day and made goals for 2014. Do you even remember what you said you wanted to do? Do you remember what those goals were? Probably not. Lucky for me, I wrote them down in my January 2, 2014 post titled, “Year2014” and want to reflect how the first quarter of 2014 has gone and if I have even followed through with any of them.


  1. Do not drink alcohol for 30 days
    1. Did this and on day 31 I rewarded myself with a nice beer. It really was not that difficult and maybe I will try this again at some point this year.
  2. Add more vegetables to my diet
    1. I wouldn’t say I am adding more than I already did, but reading this reminded me to get on it and to replace some fruit with veggies to make it more balanced.
  3. Work on my muscle up progression with 9 strict pull ups and 9 strict ring dips for 8 weeks.
    1. I did this progression and still do not have a muscle up, but after watching The Outlaw Way’s Muscle Up progression video, I am going to start this.
  4. To participate in the 90 day YLE Nutrition Challenge
    1. I just completed this challenge and I did drop in body fat, but only by 0.2% and my weight stayed the same. Still happy with the results and this proved that I am doing everything right if I want to stay in the 20% body fat range.
  5. To participate in the 2014 CrossFit Games Open with CrossFit South Denver
    1. Done & Done. Please read any of my “recap” posts from each workout.
  6. Run a 7 minute mile and have a sub-7 minute Fran time
    1. I have run a mile on the treadmill in 6:58, but outside, the best time I have is 7:08. My best Fran time is 6:58 which I am very happy with and may wait awhile to retest that one.

Maybe look back at the past four months and ask if yourself if this is how you pictured your life to be when you were making new goals to better your life in 2014. If it is- then great! Keep at it. If it isn’t, treat today as DAY 1 and start checking those goals off of a list- you still have 8 months to make 2014 YOUR YEAR.


19 Mar

My not so optimistic take on oil pulling….

Maybe I am impatient, oh wait- I know that I am. But either way, I have oil pulled six, maybe seven times and I do not have whiter teeth, do not feel like toxins are being taken away from my body (not that I believed this in the first place, but still…), feel like 20 minutes is a long time to swish oil around in my mouth when there is a perfectly good toothbrush and years of science put into toothpaste that can be used for a mere two to three minutes, and lastly after oil pulling I still am brushing my teeth, using mouth wash, and do not believe all of those people who claim to have not brushed their teeth for over a year due to oil pulling.

I have had one person positively talk to me (face to face) about oil pulling, telling me that when he does it he sees a difference and stands behind it because he gets tarter build up between the two bottom teeth, and he has actually seen the chunk removed after oil pulling. Whoa. Okay, so it works. For some people. Not everyone. I don’t want to call myself a quitter, but as much as I wished oil pulling was for me, I just don’t think it is. And it is okay. It is like my weird obsession with adding butter to my coffee and having everyone at Starbucks stare at me when I 1. ask for a tab of Kerrygold butter and 2. when I add it to the delicious Americano I just paid for. Sure- adding fat to your diet isn’t for everyone either, but I sure as hell love it.

If you are oil pulling, good luck and more power to ya – let me know how it is working out for you.

Articles I read when I first heard about Oil Pulling:

WTF is Oil Pulling + Why am I hooked?

Good ol’ Wikipedia

Design Mom – Oil Pulling

Why I add butter to my coffee:

Bulletproof Coffee


30 Jan

I am 26. I was born in 1987. I recently read that the average age for childbearing is now younger than the average age for marriage, and by the age of 25, 44% of women have had a baby, and 38% have been married. I do not have a child and I am not married. And I am perfectly okay with that. I am 26 and happy.

I am putting together a list of things that people should do before they have a baby or get married… Before the Facebook status goes from ‘its complicated’ to ‘married to so-and-so’ and before my entire news feed gets bombarded with your baby pictures. We get it, you’re happy. But so am I. So, you ask.. What makes you so happy? I am not saying my list are the exact reasons I am happy- but everyone should do this.. just once and live a little for yourself before you have to stop being selfish, and start caring for another human being – baby or husband/wife. Here it goes.


1. Travel.

2. Have your heart broken.

3. Get caught doing something bad. Like stealing. Not drugs.

4. Donate your hair.

5. Kiss a stranger.

6. Get your degree.

7. Let someone else do your taxes.

8. Get a tattoo. And while you’re add it, get a piercing. Maybe not at the same time, but just do it.

9. Let your 4-year old niece put makeup on you

10. Try CrossFit

11. Get a puppy. It can only prepare you for kids.

12. Call your parents, and tell them that you love them.

13. Shoot a gun.

14. Run a half marathon.

15. Start a 401K.

16. Laugh out loud in the car by yourself.

17. Throw up from a long night of drinking.

18. Etch your initials in a tree.

19. Build a sand castle.

20. Sleep naked.

21. Leave your phone in the car when you are out at dinner.

22. Start a blog.

23. Hand write a letter to someone. And mail it.

24. Vote.

25. Read a book. And not only because you saw a movie preview of it. Read it before you have any idea what a character will look like on the big screen.

26. And finally.. Love yourself.




16 Jan

CROSSFIT GAMES 2014 – registered.

bam. here we go.



2 Jan

It is only day two of 2014 and I am already excited about what it will bring. I know most people are excited for the fresh start, or the possibilities of what a new year will bring, and well… I guess you could say I am most people. And that isn’t a bad thing. 

It is refreshing to see so many people happy, excited, and less depressed. The new year really does bring a sense of joy to people. I am already looking forward to challenges I am setting for myself, competitions I want to participate in, and the excitement of my relationships growing stronger. 

As you read in my previous post, last year I was one of those New Years Resolution-ers… This year I am setting goals… Which, I guess, will be accomplished by some resolutions.



Res – o – lu – tion: (Noun) A firm decision to do or not to do something.



I am making the firm decision….

-to not drink alcohol for 30 days

-to add more vegetables to my diet

-to work on my muscle up progression with 9 strict pull ups and 9 strict ring dips three times per week for eight weeks

-to participate in the YLE Nutrition Challenge that starts January 18

-to participate in the 2014 CrossFit Games Open with CrossFit South Denver


In making these firm decisions, these are the goals I hope to achieve by December 31, 2014


-Get a muscle up

-Lower my body fat percentage during the YLE 90 day Nutrition Challenge

-Place higher in the 2014 Open then I did in 2013 and although it isn’t my personal goal to be someone who goes to Regionals, I really hope a team goes from CrossFit South Denver that of course includes Dan

-Be able to do a one-legged squat (Pistol) Rx

-Run a 7 minute (or faster) mile

-Have a sub 7 minute Fran

-Be in the best shape of my life




I will post a follow up after my 90 day YLE Nutrition Challenge, but as of right now here are my numbers:

Height: 65″

Weight: 127.6lbs

BMI: 21.2

Body Fat Percentage: 21.35%

Fat Mass: 27.15lbs

Fat Free Mass: 100.45lbs


11 Oct

I know when it is time to write when everything I do, I think about how I could put it in my blog. This week there are a lot of things I have wanted to write about, but didn’t know how to write it, or if it was even important enough to take the time to put it on my blog. Then I decided- screw it. I had a great week, and it should be public. My week consisted of breaking a few personal records, participating in more than one two-a-day workouts, and meeting a friend for coffee that I have not seen in over 15 years.

I had four separate people this week tell me that they can tell my body is changing (or that I look a lot different than I did a year ago) and that I have come a long way since I started Crossfit. First off, thank you. Any encouragement is great and it pushes me to do even better. I was lucky enough to attend a conference closer to home, so I had the opportunity to workout before and after the conference resulting in a push press PR at 105lbs, a strict press PR at 80lbs, and a clean and jerk PR at 125lbs. Then, on what I thought would be my rest day, I PR’d my 5K run time, finishing in 24:50. Holy crap. My body is ready for a rest, but my brain just keeps telling me to try new things, or to work on my weaknesses. It is all coming together. Six handstand kipping push ups strung together, three connected toes to bar, and a tripple-under just for fun. These are all of my crossfit-improvements this week. Don’t rain on my parade.

If these achievements weren’t enough to make this week great, it was made even better when a friend of mine from elementary school who moved away in Middle School reached out to me on Facebook wanting to meet up. We learned that we now live pretty close to each other and so I put out the idea of meeting at mmm… COFFEE! because I had wanted to check it out and knew it was within walking distance of her house. Although it has been 15 years since we have actually seen each other face to face, it wasn’t weird at all and it was great catching up with an old best friend. I remember sleep overs, a tee-pee in her back yard, and would still think about her when I would drive down Westlake Dr. to my parents house and see her house from the road and wondered what she was up to. It is crazy how everything comes full circle. And it is crazy how even after 15 years we could pick up and talk as if she never left. I challenge you to reach out to someone you have not seen or talked to in years. It is awesome that she reached out to me and it really made my week perfect. In a world of social media – we are probably the least social we have ever been. And by we I mean people. I am sure that is assumed, but I felt like it needed some clarification. 🙂 weird tangent- sorry. but anyways- just because you are “friends” with someone on Facebook, does not mean you really know what is going on in that person’s life. Make an effort and meet face to face with someone. Be social. It’s good for you health. I am not a doctor, but take my advice.

Happy Friday. Cheers.


30 Aug

With two days left before September, I am trying to wrap my brain around the fact that for the next month every weekend is already booked and when September has come and gone it will be the “Holiday Season” with Halloween, Thanksgiving, Christmas, and then New Years. Damn.

But I don’t want to get too far ahead of myself. September is a great month for many different reasons and they are:

1. Labor Day Weekend. The Rocky Mountain Showdown. Need I say more? To explain why this is such a big deal is because my house is divided. I went to CU and Dan went to CSU (Poor Dan). Since before we were even a couple, our second date was the CU vs CSU game at Sports Authority Field at Mile High in Denver. My mom scored us some pretty sweet seats, even though they were in the CSU section, but I think this is why Dan didn’t turn down my offer to come with me. We made a pact that whoever won that game we would sit in that section the following year, and every year since, we have managed to keep that pact alive. If you know me, I am not an all-day-drinker kind of girl… but, other than St. Patty’s day, this is the one other day out of the year where we wake up and start with mimosas, and go all day long. Hard. So, like I said- need I say more?

2. Dan & My anniversary is September 18. And this year will be our three year mark. I love him so much, and couldn’t have imagined the past three years without him.  I’ll keep this part short, because I don’t want to get all mushy and lovey dovey, but I still have a crush on this guy, and Dan- we make a great team and I cannot wait to see what our future holds.

3. Dan’s birthday. We are getting closer and closer to 30 every year which is so crazy to think about, but I always have such a fun time surprising him with gifts, and spoiling him for a change.

Those are the three consistent September events and this year we threw in our first team competition together. You didn’t think I could write a post without mentioning CrossFit did you? I didn’t think so. On September 8 Dan and I will be a team, competing in the Cops Fighting Cancer Charity CrossFit Competition held at CrossFit 6th Avenue. This event is to raise money for Colorado’s cancer patients and their families and other than competing, there are other ways to donate. If you are interested, click on the link below, and thank you in advance. With this being our first competition together, I am bit nervous- but I know it will be fun and a great experience. Wish us luck!!

I hope you enjoy your Labor Day weekend, and the months to come. Before we know it, it will be 2014.

To donate to Cops Fighting Cancer click:


17 Jul

“If you post one more thing about CrossFit, I am going to hide you from my newsfeed.”

Well. Go ahead.


Facebook…. along with all of the other social media sites are there for people to post what they want and what excites them in life. I get sick of seeing baby photos, religious posts, and for me the worst are the depressed “today was a bad day” posts, but you don’t see me telling you to stop posting that. That is your life, and that is what you are putting out there for the world to see. Through Facebook, and Instagram the world will see that I am a member of CrossFit, I enjoy buying Lululemon and Reebok, love to cook Paleo, and I have a Chihuahua named Simba.

I get that people who do not workout do not care to hear about my Fran time, and people who do not have a dog don’t understand why I would need to post a photo of Simba sleeping. It’s not that I need to post these things, I just do. And it makes me happy.  It is a documentation of my life. I post these things, and one day can go back and look at my first CrossFit Games Open workout, Simba as a puppy, or a status I posted about becoming a homeowner. These things are valuable to me and although there are always those ‘dumb’ status updates that are part of the mix, it was what was on my mind at that exact moment, and while some people will judge, I will have it forever.

Live your life. And post about it. There is someone out there that cares to read about it, or wants to see the photo. Even it is only your mom.