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2 Jan

It is only day two of 2014 and I am already excited about what it will bring. I know most people are excited for the fresh start, or the possibilities of what a new year will bring, and well… I guess you could say I am most people. And that isn’t a bad thing. 

It is refreshing to see so many people happy, excited, and less depressed. The new year really does bring a sense of joy to people. I am already looking forward to challenges I am setting for myself, competitions I want to participate in, and the excitement of my relationships growing stronger. 

As you read in my previous post, last year I was one of those New Years Resolution-ers… This year I am setting goals… Which, I guess, will be accomplished by some resolutions.



Res – o – lu – tion: (Noun) A firm decision to do or not to do something.



I am making the firm decision….

-to not drink alcohol for 30 days

-to add more vegetables to my diet

-to work on my muscle up progression with 9 strict pull ups and 9 strict ring dips three times per week for eight weeks

-to participate in the YLE Nutrition Challenge that starts January 18

-to participate in the 2014 CrossFit Games Open with CrossFit South Denver


In making these firm decisions, these are the goals I hope to achieve by December 31, 2014


-Get a muscle up

-Lower my body fat percentage during the YLE 90 day Nutrition Challenge

-Place higher in the 2014 Open then I did in 2013 and although it isn’t my personal goal to be someone who goes to Regionals, I really hope a team goes from CrossFit South Denver that of course includes Dan

-Be able to do a one-legged squat (Pistol) Rx

-Run a 7 minute (or faster) mile

-Have a sub 7 minute Fran

-Be in the best shape of my life




I will post a follow up after my 90 day YLE Nutrition Challenge, but as of right now here are my numbers:

Height: 65″

Weight: 127.6lbs

BMI: 21.2

Body Fat Percentage: 21.35%

Fat Mass: 27.15lbs

Fat Free Mass: 100.45lbs


21 May

On May 20, 2012 I finished my first half marathon and running was all I cared about. A year has gone by and on May 18, 2013, I competed in my first individual CrossFit Competition and although I still love to run, CrossFit is my new passion. Either way there are two things I have learned over the past year. Signing up for a race, or a competition keeps me motivated and keeps my butt off of the couch and in the gym, and second- being part of a running community or a CrossFit community has made my life better, and I have realized that the friends I make in an active community are great friends to have around because it promotes a healthy lifestyle.

I am happy for the friends I have made, and the races/competitions I have completed.. And there is no stopping any time soon.


26 Apr

I didn’t know how to write, or really what to write when the Boston Marathon Bombing took place last week. Being a previous half marathon runner, I am always interested in the Boston Marathon, the elite times blow me away and actually had the webpage up that day seeing how fast some of the top runners finished. When news struck that two bombs had went off, I could not even believe it.  It was a sad day, and a depressing week any time I would turn on the news. It made me realize that life is fragile, and it’s destiny is not always in your own hands… Unfortunately.

So after two weeks, I finally put in my ear buds, and went for a run.  At this time last year I was running about 4 miles a day training for the Colfax Half Marathon, and during today’s run I had the victims of the Boston Marathon, the bombers, and my own destiny on my mind.

Right now, at this very moment I have a great job, close friends, a small little family, a large, loving, extended family, a house which is the place I call home, and I am healthy. Really- what more could I ask for? Nothing really comes to mind. Except, maybe I want to be able to do a muscle up, or countless burpees without feeling like absolute crap. (I can dream right?!).

Speaking of muscle-ups and burpees, I have some exciting news! Last weekend I participated in my very first competition and ended up not doing so bad. My team placed fourth out of six and now I cannot wait to do another. Oh, and I finally got through my plateau of weight loss, and weighed in at 128lbs. Not that I care about how much I weigh anymore, but I have not been able to get under 130 in two years.

I hope that everyone reading this takes a moment to realize the world we live in is a crazy place, and life is fragile, but to look at the positives and although cliché – live every day like it is your last.

Here are some photos from the competition:



lifting snatch


The Mesothelioma Cancer Alliance Blog

4 Apr

The Mesothelioma Cancer Alliance Blog

I got an email from Melanie Bowen asking if she could have a guest post on my blog, and I could never say no to someone who reaches out to me to get more readers, so here is her story: “I recently have been researching and writing about how staying physically fit can be extremely beneficial to people going through cancer treatments. Exercise can be a conduit for healing of many different diseases (including cancer) by giving back energy levels, reducing stress, creating better blood flow, etc.” Check out her blog, and maybe it can help you out, or open you eyes to new things!!


You can either click above, or here. Either one will get you to the site:



27 Feb

Runners have the marathon. Cyclists have the century ride. Triathletes have the Ironman. All those events set the stage for personal and memorable victories. In all those events, every finish line is a victory, and every athlete has a personal story to tell about their journey.

-Niki Mathias


26 Dec

Today, while I was in my lunch-time spin class I wanted to just give up, walk over to my gym bag, go shower and go home and take a nap. But something kept me fighting. Something kept me going. And what kept me going surprised me.

There is this guy I know, who I have only met maybe twice or three times at most through a family friend who will be competing in the newest season of Biggest Loser on NBC and really I know him better because of Facebook and Twitter… which really means I don’t know him at all. His name is Jeff Nichols, and he was my inspiration today at spin class and I haven’t even seen him compete on the show yet- but when I thought about him competing, and the heart and drive those contestants give, it made me keep going.

Whether it is a person, an object, a photo, or someone yelling in your ear to keep going, do just that- keep going! And keep moving. We can all do it.

Good luck Jeff!

Follow him on Twitter at


19 Oct

“Everyone who has run knows that it’s most important value is in removing tension and allowing a release from whatever other cares the day may bring.”
– Jimmy Carter

Addictions can last a lifetime, while some of them start when you are a teenager, and some stop around the same time as well. Some addictions I have had in my life is the addiction of collecting Trolls as a kid, which stopped around middle school, I was addicted to coffee with hazelnut creamer there for a while and now I am addicted to running.

I am not only addicted to running, I am just plain addicted to working out. Yes, I have my lazy days, but once I start running, or working out and those endorphins start to pump I remember why I love it so much. It is the one thing that completely clears my head and the only thing I think about is my breathing, my stride, or how much more I can push myself. I am hoping to make this a lifelong addiction, and hope that I can pass this addiction on to others like my Dad passed it on to me.


Thanks dad, I love ya.


25 Jul


I have never in my life signed up for a race that I could call a “fun-run.” All the races I have ever done I have went into wanting a certain time, eat a well-balanced meal the night before and come race day I put on my game face and push it to the limit. This past weekend Dan and I participated in our first “fun-run” called the SURVIVOR Mud Run in Berthoud, Colorado on a motocross track that included 20 obstacles and a lot of mud. When we signed up for this race we told ourselves that we were just doing it for fun to see how these mud races went. Race day came- our wave time wasn’t until 10:45am, it was about 90F degrees and we were in the middle of the wave as we started. Come the 2nd obstacle which was a mud pit we came out of it and a woman on the side yelled at me saying I was the first woman in our wave to get past the obstacle. This is when my competitive side came out. As we made our way through the 5th obstacle a woman passed me and was practically sprinting compared to my jogging-pace, but we made sure after that, that no other woman passed us. We passed people from the wave before us, and ended up finishing the 3.47 mile course in 40 minutes and 3 seconds. And not to mention, I finished in 5th place in my age group (Female 25-29). – not to brag or anything 😉

Now, Dan and I are already signing up for another one. This one seems to be a little bit more intense and its called the Spartan Race ( that is at Fort Carson in Colorado Springs, CO next May (2013) and we hope to see some of you out there with us!

But, okay… My reason for writing this post isn’t to talk only to about myself, but I want to help those people who have questions about a mud race and give a few pointers. If you have any questions, go ahead and ask. But here is a list of my pointers:

  • Go to your nearest thrift store and buy a cheap outfit you don’t mind throwing away after the race. Dan and I threw everything we had on during the race away.
  • Bring a change of clothes. Although my mom drove us home after the race and I just sat in the car with a towel, we did bring a change of clothes.
  • Bring sunscreen. Typically these type of races are held in the summer, and on the course we were on there was absolutely NO shade. Make sure to put it on BEFORE the race.
  • Bring a towel. I would assume most of these races include a rinse off area, and a towel is handy after your ‘shower.’
  • If you have long hair, french braid it. If you just put it in a pony-tail the wet hair may hit you in the face, which would not be pleasant.
  • If you wear contacts or glasses do not wear them during the race, and although I do not wear either, I would recommend to those people who do to possibly wear swimming goggles.
  • Try to have someone spectate. Then they can take pictures for you. You will be so muddy after the race, I wouldn’t even try to take your own photos.
  • If you don’t want to throw your clothes away, bring a trash bag to put them in. Even after the shower, my clothes were no where near clean and no one wants to sit in the car with muddy clothes on.
  • Guys- don’t wear a shirt. This helped Dan out a lot, and then you don’t have to worry about your nipples chaffing.
  • And last, but not least. Have fun. And- it is okay to walk.



6 Jul

All you do on vacation is eat, drink, sleep, and repeat. No matter where you go there is always time to eat, drink and sleep. Of course, some beach vacations may entail more resting and relaxing, and the vacations to a busy town may be more hectic and you may walk more than you normally do. But no matter what town you are visiting, most people do not want to go work out. Vacation is a time to get away, and to do things that you normally wouldn’t do or get to do at home. I can vouch for that.

While I was in Germany for 10 days, I did go on some runs to try and stay a bit active, but nothing like I typically do at home. In 10 days at home, I typically will run or go to some sort of class 6 or 7 of the 10 days. In Germany Dan and I ran three times together and then walked for the most part. My body was like jello and it needed a jump start upon arriving in the states.

So, jump start it is. This past week I have dedicated a lot of my free time and lunch hours to working out. And my body has not felt this sore in months. Whether or not you are coming from a long vacation, or are board with your routine, take two weeks and do something different.  If you cannot stray away from your morning runs, or your afternoon walks, don’t, but shorten them and add something else. That is what I did.

At lunch, instead of running the entire time, I ran at a 6.4 on the treadmill for 15 minutes, and then did one set of 10 bicep curls, then 10 shoulder presses, and then 10 back extensions and did this three times. After I completed that I hopped back on the treadmill and sprinted 1 minute, jogged one minute at a 4 incline and did this 3 times equaling to 6 minutes. My lunch break is only an hour long and so after I was done with the treadmill I hit the mat and did some abdominal work and stretched out.

This is just an example of something you can do to challenge your body and to not get bored. I hope to always challenge myself and to always keep my body guessing. And this week, it has had to guess every day.


14 Jun

The story of how I started to really enjoy running and competing is simple. I was single, lived at home with my parents, and needed a hobby. Now, that hobby has become routine, and I have realized over the past week that if I do not have a race in the future, running is harder and not as enjoyable. Before the Kaiser Permanente Half Marathon & the Bolder Boulder I was running 4 to 5 miles daily and then the week after the Bolder Boulder I took the week off to rest and be lazy. Now I am starting my routine back up and yesterday I was at Paul Derda Rec Center in Broomfield and three miles was dreadful. Even two miles was annoying. So I started to think… What can I do to change this? My easy answer to myself would be: sign up for another race.

So, that’s what I shall do. There are plenty of races I could sign up for. The Heart & Sole Half Marathon and 10K, the Sand Creek Half, 5K/10K, the 2012 UNDERWEARNESS Drop Your Drawers & Run 5KRun & Zoo Walk, and so many more, but I think after searching, I have found my next race. And it is a type of race I have never done before. It is the Survivor Mud Run in Berthoud, CO in July. Dan and I are going to do it together and we just registered and I am already nervous. I enjoy pushing myself to new limits, and I can’t wait to do that with my boyfriend and push each other every step, or shall I say, every sloshy-mudfilled-step of the way to the finish line. Wish me luck. a lot of luck…