(PR: Personal Record)

These are updated randomly whenever they are part of our daily WOD.

Back Squat: 185lbs (1rm) 155 (3rm) 160 (5rm) 

Bench Press: 140lbs (1rm) 130 (2rm) 120 (3rm)

Clean: 150lbs

Clean & Jerk: 150lbs

Deadlift: 265lbs

Double Unders Unbroken: 250

Front Squat: 165lbs

Hang Clean: 140lbs

Hang Snatch: 105lbs

Overhead Squat: 135lbs

Pull Up Unbroken: 20

Push Press: 130lbs

Push Jerk: 150lb (split jerk)

Push Up Unbroken: 20

Snatch: 115lbs

Strict Press/Shoulder Press: 97lbs

Thruster: 125lbs

Weighted Pull Up: 35lbs

1 Mile Run: 7:04

5K Run: 24:28

Well known CrossFit Workouts:

Annie: 5:54

Annie Both Ways: 12:44

Cindy: 15+3 Pull Ups (452 reps)

Diane: 12:32

Fran: 5:52

Grace: 4:55

Helen: 11:07

Karen: 9:13

Jackie: 12:13

Nancy: 22:40

Nicole: 47pullups

Filthy 50: 28:30

Murph: 53:00

McGhee: 11 rounds + 2 deadlifts

Morrison: 30:10

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