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8 Aug

Dan and I would like to announce that we are going to start a food blog called Planned Bite. We are in the process of setting up all of the social media sites, and adding our recipes to the website.

I am very excited of what is to come and know we have a great support system, so thank you in advance.

Click here to check out our new blog- Planned Bite


The Mesothelioma Cancer Alliance Blog

4 Apr

The Mesothelioma Cancer Alliance Blog

I got an email from Melanie Bowen asking if she could have a guest post on my blog, and I could never say no to someone who reaches out to me to get more readers, so here is her story: “I recently have been researching and writing about how staying physically fit can be extremely beneficial to people going through cancer treatments. Exercise can be a conduit for healing of many different diseases (including cancer) by giving back energy levels, reducing stress, creating better blood flow, etc.” Check out her blog, and maybe it can help you out, or open you eyes to new things!!


You can either click above, or here. Either one will get you to the site: