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Your Life Extraordinary – Find Your Flow

4 Apr

Your Life Extraordinary – Find Your Flow

Every Friday YLE’s owners: Tom & Annah are going to write about finding your flow and today – April 4 – I was featured on their blog. Go check it out, and click around their site while you’re at it. 🙂

Thanks for the post Tom, it really touched my heart.


25 Mar

The night before 14.4 was released, Dave Castro- CrossFit’s “Game Master” released a hint on Instagram that the workout would be some sort of Chipper. For those of you who are not sure what a Chipper is– it is a workout whereby a series of 5 – 10 movements are linked together one after another. A Chipper is designed to push the metabolic condition of an athlete, and typically has a time cap that tests, and pushes the limits. At 6pm – Mountain Time – on Thursday March 20th, 14.4 was released, and yes- Castro didn’t lie- it was a Chipper. And it was a chipper with Muscle Ups as a finisher.

The workout for 14.4 was:

14 minute AMRAP:
60-calorie row
50 toes-to-bars
40 wall-ball shots, 20 / 14 lb.
30 cleans, 135 / 95 lb.
20 muscle-ups

And – if the athlete got through the muscle ups, they would get back on the rower and go through the rounds again until the clock hit 14 minutes.


Now– onto my experience. As always, I had planned on doing this workout on Saturday and then again on Monday just to test my body and see if I could do any better the second time. I realize I am not going to Regionals, but for myself I need to know that I got the best score I could and there are no questions about it. Saturday’s attempt at 14.4 was great and I got through 16 cleans at 95lbs giving me a score of 166. I was surprised to even make it to the cleans, so when I picked up that bar with a few minutes to spare I felt great. And as the weight felt heavier I had Dan yelling in my ear telling me to pick up the bar one more time. For me.. out of all of all of those movements, the row was the hardest part. I had never rowed for calories before. Only meters. So it was hard for me to judge how long it should take me and a total mind-fuck when people were getting off the rower before me. For my second attempt I wanted to wear my Olympic lifting shoes, and to do it alone to just zone in to my workout and not have anyone else’s great rowing ability get into my head. Well- Sunday night I was rolling out with a lacrosse ball and had this weird pain shoot up my back to my neck to the point where I couldn’t lift my own head off the ground. I have never had a pinched nerve, but if I had to guess on what it feels like- this would be it. Every time I tried to lift my head, I got this tingling-hard to breathe-pain so I stayed on the ground of a little bit, took a deep breath in, rolled on to my stomach and got up. I iced it for 20 minutes and after a few good stares from Dan and him telling me I should probably not workout on Monday, I took his advice after many eye rolls, and stayed home on Monday. (update: I feel much better)

So, in conclusion— I did not redo 14.4. This is the first Open workout I did not complete twice. Although I am not really certain I would do any better, this is okay because I would much rather be able to walk to today, then maybe get one or two more reps. I have also come to the conclusion that I am horrible at giving my body a rest. I typically do two workouts a day, five days a week and on my rest days, I don’t really stretch out, or give my body what it needs to recover. I need to work on this, and full-heartily plan to do so.


As many of you know from reading my blog and keeping up with my Instagram, each week I have had different sponsors and this week was dedicated to Hallie Lee, who’s blog I enjoy reading (when she updates it!!), is a fellow CrossFit South Denver BEAR Competitor, and who is also an Aveda hairstylist at Starling Salon located off Broadway & Louisiana. She gave me are a really cute hair cut and really cleaned up my shaggy mess. I already had short hair, but she gave me a new style in the back with a hard, curved neck line and short sides, with just the right amount of hair on top to style it the way I like. I love love love Aveda products so for just this I would go see Hallie, but the space she is in is remarkable. So many big windows, a newly renovated salon, and great people who work there. The salon does take walk ins, and if you in the neighborhood for a new, cutting edge hair style- book your appointment now with Hallie. You will not regret it.


One more week and the CrossFit Games Open will come to an end. Crazy how fast 5 weeks can fly by. And after my last submitted score- I will be putting my body through a 6-week catalyst program trying to get stronger, and the updates will be flowing on here as well.



Hallie Lee’s blog: Barbell Native

Aveda: Official Site

What I am using: Light Elements & Smooth Infusion







18 Mar

With St. Patrick’s Day this past weekend, Dan and I both knew we wanted to celebrate on Saturday downtown, so we decided to give 14.3 a shot on Friday. This was before we had listened to any tips or tricks on how to tackle 14.3 which I liked because I could go about it my way. Come to find out- my way isn’t always the best way. 14.3 went like this — 8 minutes of — 10 Deadlifts (95lbs) 15 box jumps (20”), 15 Deadlifts (135lbs) 15 box jumps (20”), 20 Deadlifts (155lbs) 15 box jumps (20”), 25 Deadlifts (185lbs) 15 box jumps (20”), 30 Deadlifts (205lbs) 15 box jumps (20”), 35 Deadlifts (225lbs) 15 box jumps. I got through 8 deadlifts at 185lbs before the clock hit 8 minutes at my time was up.


My original game plan was to do box jumps, but then stop off the box (because our gym doesn’t teach bounding – so I am unfamiliar with this) and then for the first set of deadlifts to go unbroken, break up the second set into 5’s, and then do singles. Thennnnnnn Dan and I watched The Outlaw Way “14.3 Strategy & Tips” Vimeo video and decided to do the workout one more time on Monday using their tips. For my second go around I did step ups – jump offs for the box jumps and tried as hard as I could to not do singles at all – which went great until my set at 185lbs where I did singles because I was so tired and the weight felt so heavy. I ended up getting six more reps on my second try with a final rep count of 106 and a tiebreak time of 4:38. Thanks Outlaw. It helped.


Also, for the workouts, different brands are being represented when I do the workouts and this week I wore a shirt from Your Life Extraordinary (YLE). I am participating in a 90-day body composition challenge with YLE and am half way through! I have seen differences in the way my clothes are fitting and in my all-around well-being. Go check them out at yourlifeextraordinary.com, or find them on Facebook by searching LifeYLE.  A quick bio on them is right here:


“Your Life Extraordinary (YLE) provides employee wellness and retention strategies for companies that are looking for a unique user experience, personal coaching for each employee and continued enthusiasm past the first month of implementation.” YLE also “offers individual personal training sessions and nutrition coaching.”


I hope you all enjoyed 14.3! Only two more weeks of this madness!!



With Annah Borak – CoFounder of YLE


11 Mar

So, let me tell you about my 13.1 experience. To back up, to all of you people who know nothing about CrossFit, for the next couple of weeks, I am competing in the CrossFit Games Open and every Wednesday the CrossFit ‘people’ (not sure who exactly comes up with these work outs) announce a workout that must be completed by the following Sunday by 5pm. Well, the first workout consisted of Burpees and Snatches (the entire workout can be found in my previous blog post). No one really ever says that they love burpess, and snatches are a very hard, Olympic lift.

Saturday rolled around, and I was as prepared as I could ever be with little sleep due to anxiety of my first CrossFit competition, and gitters because I just wanted to do great. I start the 17 minutes of 13.1 hell, and when I got to my second round of snatches I was on cloud nine because 75lbs is my 1-rep max, and I did 19 of them. After I was done, I walked off to catch my breath, and when I came back into the room, Dan walked over to me and my judge, and said, “Kyla, I want you to know- you did amazing, and your form is unbelievable, but we cannot officially count that workout for the open.” My heart sank, and I yelled, “WHY?!” Come to find out, in the heat of the moment, I grabbed two 10lbs plates to put on my already loaded 45lbs bar which only comes out to be 65lbs, and for the workout to be Rx or counted for the Open, I had to have a 75lb bar for the second round of snatches. I wanted to scream. I was so mad. So furious. And I rarely get mad.

After taking a few deep breaths, shedding a few tears, and rolling out my muscles more than once on a foam roller, I went to bed, had the same CrossFit dreams, and went back to the gym on Sunday to get an official CrossFit Games Open workout completed. When my judge said you will start in 3..2..1.. It was game time. I got through 40 burpees and 30 snatches at 45lbs in 6 minutes and 17 seconds, and then after my 30 burpees I knew I had to get the weight up at least once to feel accomplished. I got the 75lbs bar up and over my head, split-snatching it up 18 times. Only one less rep than I got at 65lbs. When my judge called, “TIME!” I threw the bar down, and fell onto the ground and started crying because I was so excited that I could count this workout, and I exceeded all expectations of myself.

Talking about exceeding all expectations of yourself- I have to write about Dan’s 13.1 mission. On his second time around, he got 157 reps of the same workout, which means he snatched 165lbs 7 times and he even got the top score at our gym. He deserves to feel great, and I cannot express how proud I am of him, and how inspiring it was to watch him do so well.

If you are interested in keeping up with either of us, here are our pages:

My Page: http://games.crossfit.com/athlete/164551

Dan’s Page: http://games.crossfit.com/athlete/110147