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8 Aug

Oh hi Rope Climbs. Nice to meet you.

Sure- I have climbed a rope before in CrossFit, but this came from a lot of practice and a lot of confidence. As a kid, I could never climb the rope in gym class unless it had knots in it; I was always too scared to try the un-knotted rope, and thought I would fall off at the top. One day, maybe a year or so ago, I had Dan teach me how to climb a rope after watching some girls fail on them at a competition. I didn’t want to fail at them when I had to do them. I am sure I looked like a crazy person using most of my upper body to get up the rope and from then on, I knew I needed to get more proficient at rope climbs- using my legs, not just my arms.

Yesterday, after doing CrossFit for 20 months I did my first WOD with rope climbs. They have been programmed in the past, but I couldn’t get over my fear of coming down the rope when there is a “rounds for time” workout. I always thought I would freak out, trying to get the best time, and not know what to do when it came time to climb, or worse- fall from however many feet high. This fear is real guys. I am not making this up.

Anyways, back to yesterday. The workout was 10 rounds: 1 rope climb, 2 deadlifts at 205#, and a 100m run with a 20 minute time cap. I thought this was a generous cap. I was seeing times of 14 minutes, all the way up to 18 minutes. So in my head I thought I had this in the bag to finish before the time cap. Well, I was wrong. Yes.. I have practiced rope climbs one at a time on days that I am fresh. I have never felt or realized how hard it is to climb a rope when your grip is shot, you’re all sweaty, and after about 3 climbs, your inner thighs hurt like hell, but you know you still have a few more to go. I got through 8 rounds plus one rope climb and one dead lift (so nine rope climbs total in 20 minutes). For me, I did not like my final score, but still wrote it up on the white board, sat there for a minute and then smiled- because I pushed through a fear I have had my whole life. This is the part where I really just had to leave my ego at the door and realize that damn… I just did that workout Rx, it kicked my ass, but I was proud of myself for trying something new, and pushing through a fear.

I still need work on my descent. I still need work on using my legs, and which clamping style works best. I know that there will always be things to work on. But today- I feel like just getting up and down a rope nine times is an accomplishment and I will take that as a mental PR for sure.



5 Jun

I feel like tooting my own horn today. I mean- when you’ve got something to gloat about, even though we have been taught not to flaunt it, or to be polite and not make others jealous, sometimes you just need some pick me ups and decided to gloat, talk about yourself, and really just boost your own self esteem. Try it sometime. But…. not all the time, people may get annoyed with you.

Anyways. What all started this is that a girl who was new to CrossFit recently asked me how long it takes to see results. My response to her was that you will see some pretty dramatic results right away, but looking back, over time I have seen the biggest results. I explained to her that before CrossFit I couldn’t do 1 pull up, and now I can say I have completed “Murph” which has 100 pull ups in the workout, or do 17 unbroken kipping pull ups, or 9 strict pull ups in a row. Pretty cool right?

Along those lines, I just pulled up a sheet I had created to track my progress from when I first started CrossFit and my lifts have gotten so much better and I have gotten SO much stronger. Check these numbers out:


1 Rep Maxes Then & Now

Back Squat:

Feb. 2013: 135LBS

June 2014: 175LBS


Clean & Jerk:

June 2013: 100LBS

June 2014: 135LBS



January 2013: 130LBS

May 2014: 245LBS


Front Squat:

May 2013: 125LBS

May 2014: 160LBS


Overhead Squat:

August 2013: 105LBS

April 2014: 130LBS


Push Press:

April 2013: 75LBS

May 2014: 135LBS



January 2013: 75LBS

May 2014: 105LBS




Now go get strong. It’s sexy. I promise.




10 Jul

Last week I wrote about setting goals, and was very excited about new personal records (PRs) I had set for myself, but last night I had the complete opposite feeling. I realize that with CrossFit you really do need to leave your ego at the door and that you are there to better yourself, but last night my attitude got the best of me, and my performance lacked. Everyone has their ‘off’ days. Everyone has experienced a bad workout. Yesterday was mine.

We started the night out with snatch-grip deadlifts which is a normal deadlift, but with a wider grip on the bar. I was doing okay with this strength portion of the workout, and felt a good burn when the seven rounds of two reps was completed. But then that all changed for our cardio portion which was “Power Elizabeth” which is:


21-15-9 Reps (For Time)

Power Clean 135lbs(men)/95lbs(women)

Ring Dips


Doesn’t seem too difficult right?! Well… Wrong. Elizabeth is a bitch, who put me in my place last night. This Elizabeth chick is on my list, and now I know what I need to work on (among many other things).  I had to scale the workout down so that I could actually complete it and so my WOD looked like this:

21-15-9 (For Time)

Power Clean at 85lbs

Ring Dips with a 20” box to rest my toes on for scaling


And even after scaling- I was the last person to finish the WOD out of the class of 18 people. Normally it doesn’t bother me if I am the last one to finish, but something was off last night and although I came to the realization that I need to seriously work on ring dips and my cleans, I also need to remember to breathe, not to let the clock get the best of me, and to remember that I have only been doing this crazy sport of CrossFit for 7 months and that I should be proud of myself. I have tendency to end my blog posts with a few words of encouragement and today is no different. If you have a bad workout, don’t let it affect you for too long. Move on. Life it too short to sweat (pun intended) the small stuff.