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12 Jan

With planning a wedding, there are so many expenses to think about. There are big things like the venue, catering, flowers and photography, but the things that sneak up on you are the little things such as hair, makeup, gifts, and accessories for the day of. I am not saying what I do is what every bride should do, but if you are newly engaged you are going to have a lot of decisions to make on being what you should get your wedding party as a thank you gift.

I have heard from multiple people that the gifts they have received for being in a wedding are sitting in a drawer, were sort of cheesy, or could possibly be long gone in the trash by now. I decided very early on that for my bridesmaids I did not want to get them cheap jewelry, or a mug with their initials on it, but rather, I would pay for them to get pampered on the day of the wedding. In some weddings I have been part of it was sort of an awkward conversation of, “Do you want me to make you an appointment to get your hair done?” and then asking, “I am having my makeup done, do you want yours done also,” and then as a bridesmaid you feel awkward asking, “Are you paying, or am I.” Well, in my situation, I want to pay for them to sit back, relax, sip mimosas and have their hair and makeup done as my gift to them to say thank you for standing by my side.

Now you may be asking – how do you present this as a gift? And when do you tell them, because this gift would need be discussed long before the day of the wedding. After talking with a few friends who have been recently married I got some great ideas. Feel free to take this and run with it because my bridesmaids loved it.

Our wedding is in June and by January I had sent and delivered all of my “glam bags” explaining my gift. I got really cute bags from Target and stuffed the bags with shampoo, conditioner, hairspray, mascara, and makeup remover wipes. Inside of the bag, I added a thank you card that said, “Thanks for saying yes to waking up early with me on my wedding day. As my gift to you, I am going to pay for you to relax, sip mimosas, and get your hair & makeup done!” On the outside, I made a tag that read, “You’ve been glammed!” I sent these off six months in advance so that all of my bridesmaids would know that they do not need to worry about paying for it and wouldn’t need to contact their hair or makeup artist to help on the day of.

There are plenty of do’s and do not’s for wedding planning, but after looking at so many things, this is something I really wanted to share with newly engaged women as something that your bridesmaids will love and appreciate.



23 Apr

One day in January you are sitting there with your long, full head of hair and decide, “I am going to grow it out long enough to donate it.”

The patience game begins….

Summer months come and you are measuring your hair every day to see if it is long enough to chop off because it is SO hot, and you can’t stand this long hair anymore. You tell people that you cannot wait to donate it, and come December it should be long enough.

December rolls around and oh… you think it is a good idea to not cut your long hair to keep you warm during the winter months but then set  a firm date in Spring/Summer for the following year.

That date comes and on your calendar it is highlighted and colored in every possible marker you could find that reads “HAIR CUT” and all of your friends, family, coworkers and even your dog knows that by tomorrow, this hair will be gone.

You cut off just enough hair in order for it to pass for donation and you cannot believe you just donated 10” of your hair. It took so much time to grow it out and now poof- you went from #LongHairDontCare to #ShortHairAndLOVINGit.

This is not the last time you will be cutting your hair short. Believe me- it will get shorter. And shorter. And shorter.

I donated my hair in June of 2013 and the minute I cut if off there were so many things I loved about it, I used a quarter of the amount of shampoo and conditioner, it took me about half the time to blow dry it, and it was just long enough I could still put it in a ponytail. Then July rolled round and I decided, eh- let’s go even shorter. You only live once right? So we went so short that my hairstylist had to bring out the men’s shaver to “clean up my neck line” As a woman, you don’t hear those words very often or even hear the sound of the shaver turn on. Something about it got me excited and since then I have gone a little shorter, played with the neck line of having it be a “hard-line” a “soft-whispy-line” and right now I am rocking the “half moon” neck line. As a woman with short hair there are some things you need to know. And here they are:

-It is nerve wrecking coming home to show your boyfriend “how short you went this time.” He will learn to love it, but you never want him to feel he is dating another man.

-Having short hair as a woman is a little empowering. It will give you a lot of confidence. Maybe not at first, but as the months roll on, the confidence will grow.

-You cannot rock the flannel like you used to with long hair. Unless you like other women, then go right ahead.

-Girls will have hair envy of you and many of them will say, “I wish I could pull off that haircut, I am just too nervous to chop it off.”

-You will have hair envy of them and wish you could just put it in a ponytail or sock bun some days.

-Random people will want to touch your hair. Most of the time when they are drunk- but this will inevitably happen.

-After about 10 months of having it short, you get your hair cut and decide that this is the last time you go so short, and tell yourself that you’re going to start growing it back out.

-And then in 6 weeks you make an appointment and realize you love having your short hair and cut it again. And the cycle continues.


I am currently enjoying having short hair and encourage any woman to try it out. Hell, it is JUST hair. Some people are bald at your age; some people have gone through chemo and cannot grow hair.. It is just hair. It will grow back. But you will never know what you would look like with short hair unless you give it a shot. Some girls cannot pull it off. Just like some girls cannot pull of the platinum blonde hair, while others can. It is fun, and it’ll be awhile for me before I can put my hair in a sock bun, or even feel it brush my shoulders. And I am okay with that.




When I first donated my hair


When I decided to go shorter. With Dan back in August 2013


My current hair cut. See I told you- it keeps getting shorter!


25 Mar

The night before 14.4 was released, Dave Castro- CrossFit’s “Game Master” released a hint on Instagram that the workout would be some sort of Chipper. For those of you who are not sure what a Chipper is– it is a workout whereby a series of 5 – 10 movements are linked together one after another. A Chipper is designed to push the metabolic condition of an athlete, and typically has a time cap that tests, and pushes the limits. At 6pm – Mountain Time – on Thursday March 20th, 14.4 was released, and yes- Castro didn’t lie- it was a Chipper. And it was a chipper with Muscle Ups as a finisher.

The workout for 14.4 was:

14 minute AMRAP:
60-calorie row
50 toes-to-bars
40 wall-ball shots, 20 / 14 lb.
30 cleans, 135 / 95 lb.
20 muscle-ups

And – if the athlete got through the muscle ups, they would get back on the rower and go through the rounds again until the clock hit 14 minutes.


Now– onto my experience. As always, I had planned on doing this workout on Saturday and then again on Monday just to test my body and see if I could do any better the second time. I realize I am not going to Regionals, but for myself I need to know that I got the best score I could and there are no questions about it. Saturday’s attempt at 14.4 was great and I got through 16 cleans at 95lbs giving me a score of 166. I was surprised to even make it to the cleans, so when I picked up that bar with a few minutes to spare I felt great. And as the weight felt heavier I had Dan yelling in my ear telling me to pick up the bar one more time. For me.. out of all of all of those movements, the row was the hardest part. I had never rowed for calories before. Only meters. So it was hard for me to judge how long it should take me and a total mind-fuck when people were getting off the rower before me. For my second attempt I wanted to wear my Olympic lifting shoes, and to do it alone to just zone in to my workout and not have anyone else’s great rowing ability get into my head. Well- Sunday night I was rolling out with a lacrosse ball and had this weird pain shoot up my back to my neck to the point where I couldn’t lift my own head off the ground. I have never had a pinched nerve, but if I had to guess on what it feels like- this would be it. Every time I tried to lift my head, I got this tingling-hard to breathe-pain so I stayed on the ground of a little bit, took a deep breath in, rolled on to my stomach and got up. I iced it for 20 minutes and after a few good stares from Dan and him telling me I should probably not workout on Monday, I took his advice after many eye rolls, and stayed home on Monday. (update: I feel much better)

So, in conclusion— I did not redo 14.4. This is the first Open workout I did not complete twice. Although I am not really certain I would do any better, this is okay because I would much rather be able to walk to today, then maybe get one or two more reps. I have also come to the conclusion that I am horrible at giving my body a rest. I typically do two workouts a day, five days a week and on my rest days, I don’t really stretch out, or give my body what it needs to recover. I need to work on this, and full-heartily plan to do so.


As many of you know from reading my blog and keeping up with my Instagram, each week I have had different sponsors and this week was dedicated to Hallie Lee, who’s blog I enjoy reading (when she updates it!!), is a fellow CrossFit South Denver BEAR Competitor, and who is also an Aveda hairstylist at Starling Salon located off Broadway & Louisiana. She gave me are a really cute hair cut and really cleaned up my shaggy mess. I already had short hair, but she gave me a new style in the back with a hard, curved neck line and short sides, with just the right amount of hair on top to style it the way I like. I love love love Aveda products so for just this I would go see Hallie, but the space she is in is remarkable. So many big windows, a newly renovated salon, and great people who work there. The salon does take walk ins, and if you in the neighborhood for a new, cutting edge hair style- book your appointment now with Hallie. You will not regret it.


One more week and the CrossFit Games Open will come to an end. Crazy how fast 5 weeks can fly by. And after my last submitted score- I will be putting my body through a 6-week catalyst program trying to get stronger, and the updates will be flowing on here as well.



Hallie Lee’s blog: Barbell Native

Aveda: Official Site

What I am using: Light Elements & Smooth Infusion







11 Dec

This month will be 12 months of me staying committed to CrossFit. 12 months is a long time, but wow did it fly by. I remember at the end of December of 2012 I told Steve, the owner of CrossFit Denver that I was going to be one of ‘those’ people and my New Years Resolution was to give CrossFit a try. I gave myself three months… And now look at me. I not only gave it my all in those three months, I have given it my all for the past 12 months and have come leaps and bounds since I first stepped foot into the gym.

When I started CrossFit I could not do 1 pull up, I got about 23 double unders unbroken, and my goal that I set for myself was to able to do 10 pushups in a row without dropping to my knees. I can now do 15 pull ups in a row, my all time record for unbroken double unders is 119, and I have far surpassed my goal of doing more than 10 regular push ups in a workout.

I am not sure why I started doing it – but on January 1, 2013 I took a photo of myself from the front, back, and side with just a bra and underwear on. I didn’t think it was unflattering at all, but every month since- I have taken the same photo, in the same under garments, and wow – I am glad I did that.  Other people have told me that they can tell my body has changed, but I know for myself that yeah- by legs are more defined, my hips aren’t as wide, and my shoulders look awesome. It has shocked me how much my body has truly changed over 12 months.  Not only has my body changed. So has my hair. Thanks to my confidence. Never in a million years would I have thought that I would ever let my hair stylist take an electric shaver to my head. In June I decided it was time to donate 9.5 inches of hair to Pantene Pro-V Beautiful Lengths, and today I am rockin the ‘Miley Cirus’ hair cut. Short on the sides, with a longer ‘mohawk-thingy’ on top. This would have never happened if my confidence didn’t spike during the year.

CrossFit has brought me confidence and that is the best thing I could have asked for. Yes, it is great that I am now in the best shape I have ever been. Yes, it is great that I can lift heavy weights, and do some gymnastics movements as well. But I am now more confident than I have ever been, and this is all thanks to CrossFit and the community that surrounds it. On to another 12 months. 🙂